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Stock Car Rules?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jomar Green, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Where can I find the rules for Stock Car racing? By scrolling through the forums I figured out that the races are 40 minutes in length. Is this right? Is a mandatory pitstop required at a particular time or lap? Are all races rolling starts? Do the cars have ABS or any other aids IRL? etc......
    I have even been using Google Translate to see if I can get info from the official site, but nothing so far.

    I've been real pleased with the physics and the tracks, but it's seriously lacking in the documentation area.
  2. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Depends on the year - 2012 the rules have changed, relative to how they were in the original Game.

    Up to last year, races were 50 min long (1 hour in the case of "Race of the Million), and the fuel tank size meant 1 stop was necessary to make it through.

    This year races have shortened to 40 min, and the fuel tank raise to 100l, meaning no stops is the way to go.

    All races are done with rolling starts.

    The car is spec and standard accross the field, with minimum preparation allowed for the teams. No ABS or other driving aids.

    If you´re willing to do some digesting via Google Translator, here is the full sporting regulations for the 2012 Stock Car championship.

    This youtube channel has highlight videos for most of the races over the last season.

    Hopefully we´ll manage to include some background info to those unfamiliar with series on the official website by the time the update is released.
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  3. Thanks for the info. At least I now know alot more compared to before I read this post.
    Interesting to see that there is no ABS. Seen some guys posting videos of hotlaps with ABS on, so I thought it was a feature IRL.

    Wanted to run some full races with the AI. Is it true that they don't experience tyre wear? Any other bug I need to know about?
  4. Yes, the 2012 rules changed so that the 40 min races no longer have pit stops, however it seems the AI was not changed to cope with the new rules. I am trying to run a championship based on them but at the middle of the race, approximatelly 20 min, all AI cars start to stop on the pits. So, even starting at the back of the field I will probably and easily win the race as a result of these stops. Reiza, are you aware of this issue ? Is there a way to avoid that or a patch is needed ? If a patch is required, is there some on the way to fix this ?
  5. That's why i came to the forums the other day asking about the pit stop rules this year.
    Was racing the AI and they seem to go to the pits, not sure if they go for refuel or changing the tires, but it would be cool if they didn't, so we can compete fairly.
    Any thoughts?
  6. Just turn off fuel use / tyre wear in the main menu - this seems to be a duplicate post BTW :)
  7. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    It should be fixable.

    If anyone is able to help testing this isse, please try a 40min race disabling fuel consumption so we can narrow down whether the AI is pitting for tires or fuel.
  8. I'll be happy to do this later today if no one gets chance in the meantime :)
  9. Ok Reiza, race completed. I started a new season, 95%, with Ethanol off, started from back of grid and after 10 minutes saw one car pit due to damage. Then ALL cars started pitting around the 20 minute mark, some as late as 32+ minutes into the race, promoting me from 15th up to 1st. I felt the grip go off on lap 10, and they started pitting on lap 11, I would normally have done the same but I drove carefully and found that I was able to keep an average pace and win.
    So, all AI cars are pitting when ethanol is off, so it must be due to tyre wear.
  10. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Thanks for that Keith - we´ll do some internal testing to try work out a solution in time for the Mini update.
  11. No problem :) , but I should also tell you that later on I quickly tried this the other way round - ethanol on normal, and tyre wear turned off, and the AI cars seemed to pit here as well, so maybe the fuel adjustment figures also need tweaking. BUT, please note, I didn't have much time so I did this last race using some accelerated time, so it may not have been as accurate. Maybe it needs checking wih a full 40min race as well?
    UPDATE for Reiza: I have now run a full 40 minute race, with ethanol on normal, and tyre wear turned off, and I can confirm that ALL AI cars pit, from about 21 mins onwards. Sorry to add this to the mix Reiza, but I thought you should know.
    p.s. I appreciate the cars are not pitting this season IRL, but if you do issue a patch for this, I hope it will still be possible to increase tyre wear or fuel use, as I personally like to have AI cars pitting in some of my seasons, it would be a shame to lose the option :)
  12. Thanks for your help Keith ! I was willing to do the test but I did not have time to do it. It is good to hear that the issue is not exclusivelly happening with me. Hoping them to have a fix for this soon, since I would like to run a complete championship mimicing the new rules of the current season, where the trick to win a race is not just to be fast, you have to save the tires as well !!! I personally feel they will come up with a solution where fuel usage and tire wear tweaks will remain available, giving us the option to force pit stops or not according to our will.
  13. Hello, I have installed the Mini update hoping to see the AI fixed but, unfortunately, after a trial I realize it was not. Any idea when it should be done ? Thanks for the great product, but as I just like to play mimicing the real thing, it is not being useful for me so far.
  14. All cars pit around 20-35 min. I enjoy pitting and so do many others for many reasons. Please Reiza give us the option to pit. Simbin gave us this option in Race07 series by introducing forced pit stop option. Where if you clicked yes, you would need to pit and change at least two tires at a certain point in the race.
  15. Is there a fix for this yet? I started my Stock Car Championship last night (game version 1.20) with 40min races. In last nights race I was in 4th place and with 10 min to go I jumped up to 2nd place because cars infront started pitting. Then with 5 min. to go the leader pitted. I won by a big margin.