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Stock car models

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by MHHM, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody. Since I was improving my skills in RBR, I thought it can be interesting=hard=fun to run same tracks on a standard car with it's low HP and stock drive. I noticed there are some additional car models but got a question, can they be adjusted back and point if there any downgraded stock cars available? Personally most interested in stock Corolla 99.
  2. In RSRBR2011, there is a downgraded Corolla 1600 under F2000_13_1 . I think it looks the same as the default Corolla, but it's performance is much slower. Not sure if that is what you are loking for though.
  3. Gonna find it out.
    By default I mean a car right out of the factory, with it's 80 something horsepower and front wheel drive.
  4. Well the true stock car is impossible to simulate in RBR, even because of the sole fact that it would not survive driving full throttle through the stages available in the sim. The closest in the power department would be A5 class, I think. They are very light cars, around 100HP. Or try the category with the Focus ST170 in it (it should have around stock power, although it's an enthusiast model. 205 Peugeots (the weakest one especially) should give you a nice, weak drive :D. Although, as I already mentioned, you won't get the stock suspension experience, but for the closest thing to it try and pick the N class cars over the group A ones, they have way less modifications inside them.