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Featured Stock Car Extreme v1.33 Released!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Renato Simioni, May 29, 2015.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Videos using SweetFX - grab it with our settings here.

    First a small note to let you all know we have some big news coming up shortly which should make june a very important month for GSCE - watch this space!

    In the meantime we thought you might enjoy some cool new toys to play with for this last weekend of may :)

    V1.33 Info below:

    INSTALLATION (Non-Steam users):

    Update to v1.33 by running GSC Sync.

    If you are having any trouble updating via GSC Sync, you may download all the update packages from the links below:


    NOTE: If you are manually updating from a v1.21 base install, you will need to install all the above packages in succession.

    Main changelog for v1.33:


    • Added 250cc Superkart series (make sure to set steering rotation between 180º-220º for accurate steering ratio)
    • Added Kansai (2 layouts)
    Features & fixes:
    • Improved AI paths for Interlagos (all layouts);
    • Fixed fuel estimates for Guaporé;
    • Updated curb sounds for Marcas;
    • Various minor physics & AI updates;
    • Minor optimization for Buenos Aires.

    Please direct your bug reports to this thread.

    For issues installing / running / setting up GSCE, please refer to our FAQ , and our GUIDES first before posting.
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  2. just... UR best!!!
  3. Still no championship points fix. Right...
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  4. Patience, patience my friend :) just a little bit more
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  5. Since this post, on August 16th last year, when they mistakenly awarded double points, and subsequent fixes, the points have been broken: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/game-stock-car-extreme-v1-20-released-updated-to-v1-21.91498/

    So, patience is running out a bit, and motivation to play it is lacking more and more, since the main mode many of us want to use in it, has been broken for more than 9 months now. Patience is not even relevant any more.
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  6. I know mate. I agree with you and I complained about this something like a month and a half ago. Still, let's wait a couple week more ;) after 9 months we can endure a couple of weeks :)
  7. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Regarding the championship scoring bug - as suggested in a previous thread, we´ll very shortly release an alternative exe based on code from a previous version, as a stopgap for users wishing to run offline championships while we work on properly fixing the code.

    The frustration is very understandable given how fundamental this is to championship mode and how long it has been broken, but it´s more complex issue than it may appear - cutting a long story short, we took a development path that proved to be problematic, and reverting without breaking anything else is not really simple with what we had to work with.

    Part of the "big news" refered in the opening post are indeed related to our ability to more easily develop the code from now on, but this will be subject to another topic.
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  8. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    Oh god. These karts. These karts. I have no words. So much fun. Thank you!
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  10. thanks boys! amazing work (as always).
    about the dirt pickup, visible tyre flex and other things like rain...
    we are close?
    we are far?

    can tell us something about it?
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  11. Umm, "big news coming up shortly"! Curious and curiouser! Meanwhile, I'll be having some fun with F-Classic in Suzuka!
  12. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Opening post edited to include v1.33 update package (for non-Steam users who might have issues with GSC Sync).
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  13. Great work, but i have to complain about the grass textures. I think a special track like this would deserve something better than these overused generic grass textures. I don't know...it just doesn't look good. It looks more like a placeholder than anything. I think there should've been more variety in the textures. It stands out like a sore thumb imo. :unsure:

    Thanks for adding new content, though, of course. Much appreciated. :thumbsup:
  14. hex


    Reiza guys, please consider making historic Suzuka as well. After all it's only a matter of removing coins, because the historical chicane is still present at the circuit:

    Also tightening R130, I don't know about pit-entry. I know you can easily do it, the question is if you want.

    Thank you, Reiza!
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  15. thanks
    superkart wheel settings is the same than normal karts?
  16. anyone having stuttering issues with suzuka, with or without new kart the track stutters all the way around. I don't have any issues with any other track or car combo except the new track. my pc is maxed out without issue with all other tracks, cars. my pc is fx 6300 at 4.51ghz, 16 gig ram, G1 gtx 970, windows 7 ultimate. Anyone else having same problem
  17. Thanks Reiza for Kansai and the Karts. Menacegtr I'm not having stuttering issues but one thing I am seeing is when I cross the start finish line on both installs of GSCE (test vanilla install and one loaded with mods) the track map flickers momentarily then stops.
  18. no stutter issues but ive had 2 consecutive crashes soon after loading suzuka + mp4/4, practice session 15 AI. dont recall SCE doing this before, im using win 10 preview tho. nvidia card here as well.

    cant say if drivers failed or what bc the screen just goes black & my comp wont respond to any input but the power/hard reset button.
  19. well i tried 3 more times, did manage to get a full lap in once :/ (barely)

    im using 4K DSR & vsync but again, havent had issues previously.

    if there are logs i could upload/email would be happy to do so; will try other car/track combos in the meantime & then see if setting tweaks do anything after that, theres a decent chance reiza hasnt tested this on the drivers im using since for some damn reason win10 has its own gfx drivers.
  20. Amazing update. Cant wait to see what's gonna happen in June. :)