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Featured Stock Car Extreme: Superkart at Suzuka video

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Howard, May 21, 2015.

  1. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium

    Reiza Studios have revealed an awesome video showcasing the upcoming Superkarts at dawn on the 'Kansai' circuit on Stock Car Extreme.

    Check out the video in our RaceTube.

    "Our next GSCE update will also add motorports definiton of insanity to the sim - Superkarts!

    With only 220kg and a 250cc engine bolted to a customized kart chassis, these little things can lap as quickly as a formula 3 car. Are you brave enough to try tame them?"

    Consdering the rFactor 1 engine, which Stock Car Extreme uses, is now a decade old, Reiza sure have eked out every last drop of performance to make the game look as good as it does.

    Kansai is Reiza's version of Suzuka, which it doesn't hold a license to. Both Kansai and the Superkarts will be a part of the upcoming GSCE update.
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  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Totally bonkers, I love it :)

    We have GOT to have a league with these, go on.....you know it makes sense :D
  3. Craig Patteson

    Craig Patteson
    Natural Born Racer XB1 Gamertag RIPDazza8405 Premium

    About time :)
  4. Suzuka - best track in the world.
    Now for one of these with a hayabusa engine :x3:

    Still hoping for the update that changes the wheel rotation for each car; it's a bit of a drag having to set that manually each time.
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  5. In my best Keanu Reeves impression, 'Woah!'