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Stock Car Extreme Rank

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by s2173, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. GSCE rank.png

    So, a thing I started doing basically for me, to have reason to keep improving. Its just a spreadsheet, made in Open Office Calc, but should work in any Excel, there are no macros, just formulas.

    It has a list of tracks for each car, and benchmarks for each track. You run a time against the benchmark, write it in 00:00,000 format in the green square, and you get alot of statistics and graphs. If you don't have time on a track, it just adds 10 seconds to the benchmark.

    So far I have benchmarks for F3, FVee, SuperV8, Superkart, Formula Retro and Formula Extreme. Didn't have time to test how good most of them are yet, but the F3 ones seems to be spot on - quite challenging, but achievable.

    I pretty much needed something like the site GPLRank... that thing pretty much singlehandedly learned me how to drive decently fast.

    Anyway, you can download it if it looks like fun... Ill add the other cars later on.

    GSCE Rank rel.xls

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  2. Is this something similar to AC RSR ?? Thanks
  3. Not really, RSR doesn't have benchmarks and only compares your time to that of other people, and also doesn't have such graphs.

    On other hand, RSR uploads your time automatically...
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  4. That file here is old...download the other one. It has all benchmarks i have done so far on one spreadsheet.
  5. I didn't notice it was you. I'll talk to you on steam :)