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Stock Car Extreme loads duplicate AI drivers on a mod...

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Óscar Melero, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. I downloaded a mod for GSCE (Enduracers) and it worked perfectly. However, I only wanted to race the P1's and GT1's at once as multiclass, so I changed the classes in the .veh files and so on in the .rfm, and even create my own .tga file so it had its own place to be in the main menu.
    It ended with a total of 16 cars (8 LMP1 and 8 GT1), so I had to enter a maximum number of oponents: 15. At this point everything seems like it's going to work.

    I select the Audi LMP1 and the AI loads another 7 Audi's with a x7 driver duplication and the same car & driver for Corvette (x8 duplication).

    Why is duplicating the AI's? Why the mod doesen't load the other brands? I mean, how to tell the mod to load 4 brands per class and 2 different drivers per brand?

    I can't tell if I properly expressed myself. Any help is very appreciated.
  2. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

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  3. Once installed the alternative UI, I saw where the problem was.

    Every car (LMP's and GT's) had too many classes in its .veh file, example:

    Classes="reiza31,EnduSeries ES_ALMS08 ES_P1 ES_P1d ES_P1AudiR10"

    It was picking random AI's from random classes, resulting in GSCE picking the same driver from different classes.

    If you didn't understand, GSCE did it like:
    "Let's pick Jan Magnussen from reiza31... and Jan Magnussen from EnduSeries... and Jan Magnussen from ES_ALMS08..." ...and so on, till it fill the 15 AI's. So it reached 15 AI's by picking the same guy from every possible class, as it was scripted in the .veh file.

    Now it's working perfectly. I'm switching to default AI, anyways thank you for your suggestion to install this Alternative AI, it opened my eyes to see where the problem was.