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Stock Car Extreme bug report thread (READ THE OPENING POST)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Renato Simioni, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    PLEASE READ THE OPENING POST BEFORE POSTING. Posts that don´t observe the requirements may be moved / removed.

    Please concentrate your bug reports for v1.50 on this thread.

    Make sure to check the release notes on the release thread before posting.

    If you may please elect to adapt the following report form below:

    Track & Layout Used:
    Car Used:
    Applicable Settings:
    Steps to reproduce:


    Track & Layout Used: Montreal 88
    Car Used: Formula V12
    Applicable Settings: n/a
    Report: After losing front wing the car gets airborn above around 100mph.
    Steps to reproduce: Crash and lose front wing, drive fast ;)

    For any difficulties related to installing, running or setting up the game which are not necessarily bugs in the software, please refer to our v1.50 troubleshooting thread, and our GUIDES . If you need further assistance use the v1.50 release thread or email support@reizastudios.com (please allow for up to 1 business day for a reply).

    Please allow time for us to test, verify and rectify the issues. We might not reply to you but rest assured if you posted here, we will have read it.

    Please avoid posting new threads for bug reports, it´s the easiest way to make sure your report gets lost in the shuffle.
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  2. Does not have anything to do with a car or track.
    Whenever I exit GSC in this update Steam detects like it is still running so if I want to restart GSC or close Steam I have to shut down Steam process
  3. DFGT
    I see a lot of LWEMon.exe process, seems like one for each time I opened GSC
  4. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Hmm thats odd, it is indeed the problem which had been fixed but found its way back, probably a mistake in our version control.

    We will sort that soon, in the meantime please try launching LWEMon before you run the game and the issue should not occur.
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  5. Track & Layout Used: All tracks with DRS (I tried Interlagos GP)
    Car Used: Formula Extreme
    Applicable Settings: n/a
    Report: You don't have any prohibition on laps about DRS on race. You can use DRS on 1º lap. In 1.38, you only could use DRS after 3º lap.
    Steps to reproduce: Just go race with more AI and try.
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  6. Dont know if this is a bug or not, but is about the Map Plugin.

    So I ask...how to permanently disable it?
    I press Ctrl+M to turn it off, is fine, but when I load the Sim another time it turns on automatically again.
  7. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Delete d3d9.dll to get rid of it completely.
  8. Track & Layout Used: all reiza tracks, i think (i have testet 4-5)
    Car Used: any
    Applicable Settings: Steam update - followed 1.50'er "must read thread" instructions
    Report: Position / ranking graphic (at the bottom, not the minimap) dont work on reiza tracks
    Steps to reproduce: Open game, select any car go to any reiza track
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
  9. sorry but if i select the mitsu. lancer cup i not found any car....rfm error?
  10. I seem to only have use of 3 of my devices still. Wheel, Pedals, And button box. Shifter still is not being recognized by the game like before the update
  11. Track & Layout Used: All
    Car Used: All
    Applicable Settings: n/a
    Report: The new Map plugin is completely gone, it is completely bugged. Sometimes it shows you the name of other player instead of yours, sometimes it indicates you other place where you aren't, etc...
    Steps to reproduce: Go track and test. I dont know how is possible you release a version with those bugs that you can clearly see when you go track
  12. Track & Layout Used: n/a
    Car Used: n/a
    Applicable Settings: Use spanish language on GSC config
    Report: The Spanish language has not been updated to 1.50 and it is completely gone on the game mixing english and spanish
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  13. For the g27 in-game automatic steering wheel rotation issue, be sure that you are running Logitech Gaming Profiler in admin mode!!
  14. Gringo


    The AI seem faster now for a given Strength %... if you reduce the Strength 5% or so the AI seem more controlled. Not a solution for sure just an observation. I notice quite a lot of undesirable AI behavior in the SuperV8 like pushing off the race line, spinning up the rear tires and tail slides on corner exit. Same problems as 1.38 but I feel the issues are a bit more intense now.
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  15. I found some bugs
    the aggression level menu, is hide, just gets the arrows(first time is ok , second where is low, medium, high??)
    the lancer AI leaves the track at Interlagos (bico de pato)
    Superkart the gear ratio hide , for example, decrease by 2 levels of the fourth gear
    the map does not shut down, it does not save, , when you enter the game again, this mode is on
    lancer has launch control (they have or is a bug?)
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  16. cockpit lights go out when any heads up display pops up never had the problem before until 1.50
  17. DRS only turns off when braking, so the DRS button no longer acts as a toggle.
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  18. Track & Layout Used: Santa Cruz do Sul
    Car Used: Stock V8
    Applicable Settings: Reversing the grid or organizing it with the batch / editgrid command
    Report: The dedicated isn't holding the positions after editing it manually via batch or editing the grid in the server list. It appears right in the server list after the editing, but when it goes to the race, the grid get messed again.
    Steps to reproduce: Edit the grid in the warmup
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  19. Track & Layout Used: All with DRS zones
    Car Used: Formula Reiza and Formula Extreme
    Applicable Settings: Just set the DRS on controls
    Report: The DRS can't be closed by pressing the DRS button. It just closes by braking. That wasn't happening on 1.21 - 1.38 and you have to brake on some corners like the first one of Suzuka, losing time needlessly
    Steps to reproduce: Go track and drive to the DRS zone, then you push the button of DRS and it opens, but if you push it again, it doesnt close.
  20. Unless Reiza is not saying around here if this is true or not, I cant find this information anywhere either.
    I´ve already asked this same question on this same forum, no response from Reiza, but others gave some answers and nobody know what this problem is about...nobody ever heard about it.

    I´ve only heard about this problem at R2P, everywhere the original content is used with no problems at all, only the ocasional ones that happens from time to time, but nothing that prevents the use of original content.

    I would like to know about this aswell.
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