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Stock Car 2009 Season - Skins

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by lobisomem, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Stock Car 2009 Season - GSC

    All cars(Skins) of 2009 Season

    Skins to F1C By Vitos Hugo
    Conversion to GSC By Tiago Guerino
    Update to GSC By João Gilberto(me)

    Install In .../GameData/Vehicles/StockV8 Folder


    1- When selecting the 2010 season, the cars of 2009 also appear on the track.

    2- It is not possible to compete in the 2009 championship as the 2010 cars also appear in the championship.

    To play the championship and the 2010 racing season, you have to delete the 2009 season
  2. thanks lobisonem
    @Reiza Studios - could this be added as another season or together with 2012, needs own rfm and unique category bind code probably, not sure if it's bound as a query aswell in the .exe