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Stint Vitals

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by TheFlamingRed, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Can anyone please describe to me the Stint Vitals Sections: Namely the Optimal Tyre Ware and Maximum Tyre Wear.

    For example, I am about to do a two stop S:SS strategy for china (25% race to get acclimatised to the tracks). Exploring the Strategies. Out of a 14 Lap Race, it's optimised that I should pit lap 9 for the SS, with a three lap Pit Window - which is fine.

    However, it states
    OPTIMAL TYRE WEAR = 9% Wear / lap 9 Pit
    MAXIMUM TYRE WEAR = 12% wear / Lap 12 Pit

    What on earth does the x% Wear mean in these scenarios?

    It cannot mean that I can use 9% of my tyres per lap, as by lap 9 @ 9% I'd have used 81% of my tyres at optimal and by lay 12 @ 12%: A total of 144% of my tyre.

    Also, It cannot possibly mean to Only use 9% / 12% total wear of the tyre. Because 1 - that's 1% per lap which in a 25% race where tyre life is shortened, I will never be able to use so little I believe (unless I go ultra tyre management, but even that that's pushing it) and 2 - The graphs cleary show that 50-60% of the tyres will be worn by lap 9-12.

    So, as those are my two basic assumptions and they're not true, what on earth do these figures mean?

    Thanks in Advance.

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