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Still waiting for a motorcycle anouncement..

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by dc67, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. If GT5 surprises us with a bikes in the game it's a must buy.(no ps3) I give it a 25% chance at this time..
  2. I would lean towards probably not, but it looks like a must buy this year like F1 2010.
  3. I don't think they would put bikes in Gran Turismo.
  4. PD has a game for bikes- it's called Tourist Trophy:


    I don't think there will be bikes in GT5 for the simple reason that the word GT (Gran Turismo) refers to cars (high-performance luxury automobile designed for long-distance driving). PD's already taking liberty by including the myriad of automobiles in the game.

    I'm pretty sure we can look forward to TT2 next year.
  5. The original Toursit Trophy still stands up well today even though it was released on the PS2. I have the original 60GB PS3 (now 500GB) that had backwards compatibility and take it for a spin from time to time.
  6. me too Mate, but how can one increase hdd space?
  7. With a PS3 it's the most simplest procedure. Get yourself a SATA laptop HDD (I believe any 9.5mm HDD) and look at this video:

    You can get a 640gb for less than US$100.
  8. Well not quite any but near as damn it - 99% at a guess. Not trying to be a smart alec, its just my experience - I had one drive ordered from my usual PC component supplier that did not work in my PS3. I thought it might have been a faulty unit but it tested just fine in a PC. I ordered exactly the same drive (same make and model number) from Amazon who actually advertised it as being PS3 compatible and it worked fine. All I can think is the drive from my PC supplier had a newer firmware revision or something along those lines that meant it would not work.
  9. Thanks mikem and Kevin, incredible. Will it still remain PS2 format compatible?
  10. Yes if your PS3 played PS2 games beofre it will do after as the emulation in the older PS3's is part hardware part software that is built into the OS the PS3 runs on.