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Still lack of progressief breaking control

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by GallardoGT, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. In the last days I checked a lot of new onboards and I'm very impressed by the realisme, yummy :)
    Ok, as far as I can understand the engine is still arcade but maybe I can live with that ... unless the braking will be improved. When I check the latest videos it seems you have not a lot of progressief breaking control like a real car. For sure it can be that this point is made already on the forum but I hope there are still parameters in the engine that can improve the braking.

    Btw, I was very pleased years ago that during development of Richard Burns Rally there was contact on the forum BHMS about what was needed for a good rally sim. And see the standard what RBR still is ;)
  2. Its really not arcade believe me defiantly not the Formula A car (F1), if you don't press the gas-pedal progressively or slam the brakes you will spin off, a lot!!
    To give you an idea watch this video :

    And thats from a old build they are now @ build 189 and its getting better and better. You have to switch off all the aids off course if you want it to become a sim.

    Found a newer one:
  3. Thanks for the first reply on this silly threat after two weeks :confused:

    To focus on braking, it looks that on relative lower speeds it's difficult to brake gentle to take the apex in corners. That's more the case with the lovely ride on the track like 'California Highway' were you don't remember every corner.

    I hope that at least the feel of braking will be there in the final product like GTR2 and Richard Burns Rally.
  4. I agree with you, braking feels very numb n this. Also, something I've never seen in a sim is locking of a unloaded tyre only!

    Sometimes it feels like the only progress games are making is in ever increasing texture/shader/polygon resolutions.
  5. There are not that many things that influence braking directly. In the end they "just" need to fit together.

    Can't say what your issue is... just notice that you can't see the actual brake torque. That would help in set-up and what performance to expect.
  6. Braking feels very unconvincing, not as fully connected to the whole car as in the best sims{not iracing}