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Still have to download 2GB with a full version of GTR Evolution

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Guy, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. I bought 2 copies of the full version of GTR-E in London in Feb this year. I already had Race 07 installed and when I installed my GTR-E it took 10 minutes.
    On friday we decided to install my sons copy. We created a Steam Account and selected online install. What has really upset me is that I bought a full version of the game but it still DL over 2 gigs through Steam.
    Surely this is not correct as what is the point of buying a full boxed version if you still have to DL the game through Steam. I can understand that the game will have to update, but over 2gigs can't be right.

    Has anyone else had htis happen, should I contact Steam,Simbin and query this??

    Please advise.????:freaked-out:
  2. That's because it is the full version. GTR-E's full version includes all Race 07 content with it - the main reason why it took so short for you was because you already had Race 07 installed, adding on only the GTR-E content, whereas your son is installing afresh with the whole thing included.
  3. Why does is not install the content from the DVD??? and then just update the game through Steam??? The reason I bought boxed versions was to avoid DL the entire game as bandwidth is not cheap in SA :(
  4. Does your son want to play online? If so, then you have to install through Steam.

    If you want to play offline, then there's an option of installing the offline version once you insert the disc that doesn't require Steam.

    Plus, you should be able to get the latest offline patch from Simbin's site, right? If not, I'm sure someone would point you to it.
  5. You can copy the GCF files from an already-installed version to skip the download process.
  6. Yeah, he wants to play online. Ok, so for online it will dl basically the whole game from Steam? am I correct in saying that?
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Never understood the meaning of that DVD either. Doesn't make any sense that you think you purchase a game, but in fact you still have to download the entire content.
    Sure Steam can be handy with updating files and such, but the initial setup should come from a DVD if you have one.
  8. That is 100% correct Bram. Well this is what I was lead to believe when I bought the game... otherwise I would have just bought the game through Steam anyway.
  9. Don't be logged into steam. Insert the DVD and let it autoplay, can't remember the exact sequence, but basicaly install from the disc and activate USING THE STEAM ID YOU WANT TO BE LINKED TO THAT INSTANCE OF THE GAME - VERY IMPORTANT TO MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE STEAM ID AND ACTIVATION CODES TOGETHER - so if installing from DVD be sure NOT to enter its CD Key as this is already tied to the Fathers Steam account - You MUST enter the activation code for the game you will be using with the Sons Steam Account, ie, during install it asks if you wish to create or already have a steam account - if you already have one use it here, do NOT choose create a new account - it also worth mentioning that installed tracks or MODS installed will be visible and ONLY work under the Steam ID to which they are installed - so if you both want to try a car or tracks it has to be installed twice - once into each Steam ID on your hard disk. Then when you the Father logs into his Steam account he will be using the Activation Code tied to his steam account and the Sons log into steam will use his activation code that is ted to his.
    Hope this is of some help, I have to admit its been a while since I installed multiple (legal - before anyone asks) copies in this way onto the same machine, if anything looks wrong here please post to say so.