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Stewards Office

Discussion in 'PS3 | Sunday Night Championship' started by Rob McEwan, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Your Stewards this season are as follows :

    - @Adel Elsayed

    - @Patrick Aarup

    @Gareth Messham will be acting as a liason between the drivers and stewards this season.

    Some information about the Steward's office :

    - You MUST have video evidence of your incidents

    - Steward's Office will be opened after the race, and closed tuesday night/wednesday morning at 0000 GMT.

    Along with your submitted video, please also provide:

    - Time period of the video to be observed: (give range from start to finish)

    - Drivers involved

    - Any and all damage incurred in the incident

    - Approximate time lost

    The list of possible infractions the stewards will consider:

    -Extending track boundaries

    -Not waiting for someone after contact/loss of position

    -Avoidable contact resulting in damage to other vehicle

    -Blocking/Weaving (as described above)

    -Re-entering track unsafely after incident

    Please refrain from commenting on this thread if you are not involved in any of the incidents, but if you have any footage of any incidents being reviewed here please post it here or provide a link.

    Finally being involved in incidents can be very stressful and frustraiting, we've all been there, but please keep it civil and as diplomatic as possible.
    Thank you
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  2. - Time period of the video to be observed: (give range from start to finish)
    04:12 untill 04:40 (slomo after realtime video).

    - Drivers involved
    @Dean Ragan

    - Any and all damage incurred in the incident
    I feel like I get no room on the outside while I'm nose to nose into the corner and therefor I feel like Dean forces me off the track which causes a collision. So I feel he does a minor collision plus failing to wait for me.

    Here are the rules that I looked at:

    3.3 Do not force a chasing car off the track, a cars width most be left at all times. If the attacking car is alongside with its nose ahead of your side-pod going into a corner you must adjust your line to avoid collision.

    Causing a minor avoidable collision

    Failing to wait for the affected driver after causing a collision

    - Approximate time lost
    Only about 6 seconds in time but obviously a position, focus and rythm and also being vulnerable towards cars behind, luckily I managed not to lose any more positions.
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  3. Please take a look at the first lap turn one incident of karl (jinchez)!! I was clearly punted off!! And the driver in question didnt even wait!! Thank you
  4. Did you read what I say plus looked at the video closely? Anyway, make a decent report, I'll give my version here then (again).
  5. Make a report u say!! Think its clear to see what happened....

    I started the race...got hit off from behind. So from qualifying 6th...to ending up last by turn 1!

    Stewards please have a look at jinchez start.
  6. Forget the report im leaving this league anyway! Cant stand people who want to be wrong and strong!

  7. pov on which incident? the one with me and dean aren't in these videos I think. there is no other incident decently reported here... Anyway, if there comes an investigation on that start, I'm happy I have my video because the other ones show something different than on mine..
  8. stop your bs...its annoying already how >snip< you can be.
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  9. You know its for the t1 incident, it was apparently enough for someone to leave out of utter frustraition, I think its worth lookung at, I would add your vid if I were you, and then leave it to the stewards.
  10. ofc I know it's for that turn 1 incident, but I see no decent report, I thought we all had to follow the same rules? If someone leaves over it because he made his own judgement instead of trusting on the stewards, that's his (wrong) choice, nothing I can do about that, don't point that at me... I'll leave my vid yes, I'll need it as it shows different than from the other videos...
  11. First of all I would like to say that I really disaggree with someone getting another threatment just because he threatens to leave the league... That behaviour is just childish.

    Ok here is my video then; the first replay shows everything at full speed, the second shows everything at slow motion, the third (which is my favourite) shows everything at full speed untill just before the wiggle where it goes to slow motion.

    As I explained in the race topic but didn't feel it neccesary to post my view on it here since there was no report, here is my version; Going to the corner I'm behind Omari. He stutters 5m back right in front of me at around 200m from the corner, there is no braking there... We all keep going at the same speed after the stutter. You can also see that this contact itself didn't push him off the track. A little later I get hit on my right rear wheel which causes me to wiggle and sends Omari off... I know it's weird that he would be sent of by it, but it explains the lag from the stutter. I can't do anything about the stutter or the wiggle so I just kept going. If you look closely to my video together with my explanation, you will see that this is all very accurate and thus I don't even see a reason for investigation, but if the stewards wanna look at it, then I understand that and I'll be waiting for the outcome. Can I also point out that none of the videos actually show the wiggle (other than mine) and that none of the videos actually show me hammering him hard as it would seem from the speed he goes offtrack, which can again be related to lag.

  12. Along with your submitted video, please also provide:

    - Time period of the video to be observed: (give range from start to finish)

    Start of the race! Karl and various other have posted thier videos!

    - Drivers involved

    Omari (marz123_f1) and jinchez (desimples)

    - Any and all damage incurred in the incident

    No damage

    - Approximate time lost

    About 20 seconds....cannot be sure but i qualified 6th and was last after the incident.

    The list of possible infractions the stewards will consider:

    -Not waiting for someone after contact/loss of position

    P.s....Karl id prefer u dont call me childish...no point in time i called u any names!!! Not everyone is the same and if im not breaking rules i can do what i like...whether i race or not i want this incident looked at and judged! U see no reason for an investigation....very funny! Its ok to just punt people of the track with and not be investigated??? I decided to leave....not because of u!! But the countless arguements ive had over various things....and the fact im racing on the same track as someone that accepts no responsibilty for anything...well thats just scary. these arguments will continue to happen. when im wrong i apologise. I dont patronise people. U have an excuse for everything!! Now im interested to see what the stewards come up with!! Is that a decent enough report by karls standards!! LOL
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  13. Andrew

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  14. You should better say 4 seconds in time and from 6th to 14th because 20 seconds is inaccurate. I didn't call you childish, I called that behaviour childish which isn't a lie. The only reason why I don't understand the investigation is because there is clearly lag involved and if you can't see that, then I don't understand that. Btw still don't get why you bother having an investigation while you are leaving but I don't mind as I don't see myself guilty. Not sure you are talking about me about the no responsibility, but how can you say that? First off I'm not guilty and secondly you create a bad atmosphere by saying stuff like that. I'm not sure you apologised for Belgium last year, would have to check that, but I didn't bring you to the stewards while it was clear you were wrong. Finally you are interested what the stewards will have to say, which is good, you should have had confidence in the stewards from the beginning instead of creating drama. The report is ok but if you really feel attacked by people asking for a decent report, I mean, it's only normal that everyone has to do the same, nothing special there while you feel like that I'm only looking at you. I do wonder if someone asked, other than me, to do this report lol, it would make sense... Anyway, if you want to discuss something furter, instead of doing it on forums which is lame, message me privately...
  15. The only comments i want to see is for your race incident and as much information as you can about it.

    Do not reply to anyone elses post.

    If you have any other issues then message me...............its not hard.
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  16. @Gareth Messham have the stewards looked into any of these incidents? I'm waiting for them to ask me for my response.
  17. I think most of you can see the lag that must have been in play from my pov, but for those who can't here is an extra video showing the incident. You can see me and Prehn really close already and also from prehn's view he is getting arrows etc, but from my view I don't get any arrows (only at the wiggle) and you even see him in my mirror coming all the way from the right into my rear. I'm not saying that Prehn did this cuz he obviously didn't from his pov, but it's what I felt and it is wat put Omari off track.
    (I'm just pointing out my story with another view of the incident, I hope I'm not discussing it too much)

  18. @Dean Ragan we wouldn't mind if you posted a video from your POV of the incident with @jinCHEZ on lap 23 if you can.
    Thank you
  19. My POV of the incident with @jinCHEZ

    Footage to be reviewed: from 1:45
    I made a perfectly clean overtake on the exit of turn 2 and then take a defensive line through turn 3 heading up to turn 4. because i am on the inside going into turn 4 i am on a tighter line which means i'm always going to run wider on the exit of the corner! Karl should of been aware of this, and not tried to force his way past. In my opinion karl does nothing to avoid the contact! in fact i personally feel he is at fault. as you can see in his video, he gives me no chance to make some room for him, because he just floors the throttle (see his rev counter in his video) even though i am in front of him causing the contact putting us both off the track.

    I have also included the previous lap as i would like to have the stewards view on what i see as karls erratic and over aggressive driving style.

    @ 0:28 swerving in front of me
    @ 1:07 not sure how to describe this!
    @ 1:42 leaves me no room at turn 1 forcing me onto the kerb