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Stewards Lounge

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jeremy Sheppard, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Jeremy Sheppard

    Jeremy Sheppard

    Welcome to the Stewards Lounge​

    Here is where all inquiries and disputes of incidents on the track, penalty appeals, and any other incident related to a race are to be reported. Make sure you are familiar with both Race Department's site rules as well as the league rules before posting in this thread. Excessive defending of a position, over-aggressive driving without leaving room for another driver, and any other unfair driving tactic will be penalized heavily.

    Bashing, insulting, and any other degrading behavior or talk will not be tolerated in this thread and will result in penalties and/or bans from this league. Keep all submissions as clear and to the point as possible. The following are the expected requirements for a submission to be accepted and reviewed by the stewards for a considered action on the matter:

    1.) All participants or drivers involved in the incident
    2.) Lap or time the incident occurred
    3.) Video evidence of the incident
    4.) If video evidence is unavailable, at minimum, a screen shot from the race director must be provided. Alternatively, if another driver has both footage of the incident AND a screen shot or video of the results showing you only received one penalty, then this will be accepted. If you received more than one penalty in the race, you MUST have clear evidence showing the incident and penalty in question either with video or screen shot. Without this proof, the stewards cannot determine the facts of the inquiry and will dismiss the inquiry
    5.) Indicate the net effect of the penalty on your finishing position

    Submission Format

    Participants Involved:
    Time of Incident:
    Effect on Final Position:
    Video/Screen Shot Evidence:

    If two drivers, both with or without the ability to record agree that a penalty was unfair or unmerited, WITH adequate explanation of each driver's view of the incident, the penalty(s) may be considered to be removed without further review. However, this is at the sole discretion of the stewards. Any other exceptions will be considered upon submission.

    Finally, be patient with the inquiries as the stewards are volunteers and must be given adequate to review the evidence and consider a fair decision for all parties involved. Good luck to all the drivers this season

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  2. Chris Gristwood

    Chris Gristwood

    I have the turn 3 incident of lap 1 from the Melbourne league race. It shows a car basically not braking and crashing up the inside of the pack forcing me off into the gravel and down to last. I believe it is cian although I cannot confirm this as yet.

    I know its l8 as I have been very busy but would u still like me to post it? Or is it too l8?
  3. Jeremy Sheppard

    Jeremy Sheppard

    You can post if you like but it wouldn't change the overall results yet I can have the stewards review it. I have video evidence as well