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Stencil Shadows

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by QuadCoreMax, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking to make stencil shadow work for my tracks objects & I'm frustrated right now, cuz I can't find the info anymore. My actual car runs OK with it, so I have a shadow.dof with use_shaders=1.

    So what I've done for the track objects :

    - racer.ini was modified to enable SS
    - in geometry.ini of my track (Lil Lake), I added the shadows tree as follow :

    - in track.shd, I added my shadow material (just one as Ruud recommends) :

    I've also executed a boolean op on the shadow object, so I have 1 object & 1 material only.
    No matter what I try, I can't see them !
    The shadows.dds is a simple black tex without any alpha for sure.
    I checked my material name, so that's OK too.

    2 questions already somewhere answered :

    Is 'my_track_ads_1_shadows' correct ? Could I choose another name or does it depend on the dof file name ?
    Why in car.ini, you use a different structure to output car shadows, with use_shaders=1 in the graphics tree ? I tried that same for geometry.ini ?

    Until now, I never managed to see my track fully 'stencil shadowed' which could be useful for lower systems once I'll release my update.

    Some help to make them work definitely would be appreciated !

    P.S.: Since I see my car stencil shadow with the actual settings, I'm deducting somewhere something's wrong...

  2. Stencil shadows were never fully implemented, so don't bother. Only the car shadow worked, track ones didn't.

    I'm assuming you are running an old Racer version? It's all about CSM nowadays anyway...
  3. Thx Some1, Dave told me the same & Ruud (couldn't find where in the forum) told the inverse.

    The reason is CSM on my actual 3 screens config will drop FPS, so that's one reason. (2 x ATI 4670 1.5 GB)
    I know Mitch continues to implement nice CSM shader into Racer, but that will probably last before having something really 'stable' from all perspective views (TC=tracks cams) for example.

    Ok, so I'll definitely move on & leave those SS alone, hm that should be just deleted from official docs.

    Too bad there weren't further developed in Cg ! Hope CSM won't get abandoned too soon...lol
  4. CSM will be here to stay for a long time I think.

    It's simply too generalised to be replaced by anything that can be even more effective. All I can see happening is maybe a move to allowing tinted shadow casting, somehow... perhaps another pass for just those things (semi-transparent with tints?)