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Stefan F1 close to securing F1 grid slot (and their bringing Villeneuve with them)

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Chris Cronshaw, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Im made up with this news not just because we'll have another team on the grid but because Villeneuve could be coming with them.
    Villeneuve has been my favourite driver since i started watching F1, i think he was underated as a champion, mainly due to making some poor career choices.
    None the less it'd be good to have him back and we'll have 6 world champions participating.

  2. will they sing Rolex Ralf (schumi II) too, i hope not as i just cant stand him he faild in F1 befor he faild in DTM
    and mostlikely he will fail in F1 again
  3. Apparently Crashajima is the other driver, i dont think anyone will touch Ralf Schumacher with a ten foot pole theses days.
    Well he might get a drive for Dastardly racing ,lol.
  4. Crashajima this name sound like it could get expensive for Stefan GP ;D
  5. Villeneuve back hehe :cool:
  6. I really hope he gets back on the grid. Ya Im Canadian and darn proud to be, but thats not why I would like to see him there. He is actually a fantastic race driver, had a bad team swap, then got stuck playing the "role driver" and he never liked that. But that some time, is racing. He would be a excellent asset for Stefan, and crazy as this sounds I think they stand a chance to be competitive. Well more so then the rest of the new teams. (no offence)

    Toyota might even regret pulling out? Im not saying their tech and car this year will be challenging for the mighty steps. I would be confident to say that they did proper development on the 2010 chassis ect. Only question that would make me scratch my head the most would be because of the engine freeze. More so, how toyotas engine will react lugging around the extra 150kg + load of fuel.

    The engine is balanced efficient when light but efficient shows its power loss. It also showed its hand last year running heavy, which is where it seemed thirsty and again lacking power. Williams had a hell of a time with a high down force producing car, I think they would of faired better with a Renault or Merc power plant. But I would really like to see this all turn out.

    Sorry USF1, Im rather disappointed in your business plan. Peter, Ken and wow! Chad Hurly?? You mean to tell me you can't get your ducks in a row. You have the most diverse market to work with. You get to capitalize and corner this side of the globe. On top of it all, they have an amazing media outlet and they failed to use it. Never mind the fact that what they produced as far as media exposure and insight to the team was absolutely amateur, disgraceful, unexciting, uncoordinated, sloppy editing all in all a bad production that if any would scare all corporate interest away entirely. Anyone want to argue that last sentence, if so go to the USF1 official site before attempting. I really would like to have seen what they may have come up with, and still wish them all the best. BUT WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING USF1!!??

    Bring on StefanGP and J.V. ................ nuff said.
  7. I hope your right, i hope JV can produce what he's capable of, the grooved tyres and the his move to BAR with a few other interferences, left him un motivated in Formula 1. These new cars are fairly close to INDY car with the slick tyres and long wheel base. Lets hope he can use the value of his racing roots and prove to everyone that he was a truly worthy world champion and a fantastic diver. I think if we do see im on the grid then Barrichello is the man he has to beat. Schummi is in too good a car to be going wheel to wheel against him again, but if he can beat barrichello, i think he'll have certainly answered a few critics.
  8. for that happens FIA needs to get thinks strait and make clear that USF1 has to take part at all races and cant left out 3 to 4 of them
    cuz then they have to be at the first race or will get showen where the door is
  9. no they dont FIA said last week that teams can miss up to 3 races at any point in the season
  10. so if campos and usf1 can miss 3 races Stefan gp wont have a slot for a full season and plays just the fill up
    if one team misses a race, cant belife JV will sign a contract under this
  11. I dint think the FIA has allowed anyone to miss a race, i thought they dismissed Bernies comments, i think Stefan GP should be allowed to race anyway under he concorde agreement as they took over Toyota.

    The initial statemet last season about the new teams was there would be 4 new teams, So we've had the 4, but Stefan GP was exsisting so they should be allowed in. I think it would be a mockery if a team wasn't to turn upto an F1 Race, this is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport.