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Steerlock in real wtcc cars?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Krzysztof Babij, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Can someone tell me the real steering lock in WTCC cars?

    I use 23 and would like to know if I am close or not.
  2. Krzysiu you must search for steering ratio for a car, and then you can calculate steering lock for your steering wheel angle with this formula:

    steering lock = steering wheel angle / steering ratio
    (In this case steering wheel angle is half of lock to lock angle.)

    for example:

    BMW E46 M3 has the steering ratio = 15.4:1
    your steering wheel has 360deg
    steering lock = 360/15.4 = 23.3deg
  3. Marcin you helped me a lot (dzięki!)
  4. That would be accurate for a 720 degree rotation, Marcin as that's only to one side.

    ((Lock to lock rotation) / 2) / Steering Ratio = Steering Lock Value

    e.g. a DFP/G25 at 900 degrees:

    450 / 15.4 = 29.2 degrees.
  5. I usually use 450* for my DFGT wheel.

    So 225 / 15.4 = 14.5* (14.61)

    Am I right?

    So it looks I am very far from the real settings.


    By the way, what is the real wheel rotation in the sport cars?