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Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by theoriginalskunk, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. SteeringWheelRevLightMods

    heres is a mod of the rev lights on the steering wheel for the ferrari
    i will make it for more if people like it
    if you have the hd steering wheel mod you will need to import my dds file to that file
    if not just drag my pssg file in to the fe2 interiors folder
    simple :) hope you like if not please tell me and i will try to improve it
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  2. - V2

    added a red green version of the lights so u can choose as both are used
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  3. having a problem uploading v2 so hold on
  4. Hi dude.... Can you make an HD SteeringWheel with blu number? I Don't Like Red number.... If It's Possible... Anyway thank you for all your work.... And thank's in advance for considering my request....

    PS: Excuse For My English... I'm Italian :)
  5. hi is it possible that you make that mod with the normal 3 rev-lights but in Green Yellow and White? :D would be very cool
  6. Dude, you're a good look at the video Alonso in Texas? If you look a little better, Ferrari steering wheel is all three-color LED line-green-red purple. Is that the greens are only 3 pieces.
  7. guys just let you no i will be working on mods in this order just so u no might be wait
    1st blue numbers
    2rd 3 lights green yelllow white
    should all be done by wednesday (finger crossed i have no problems)

    i will be using a upload site to upload my files from now on as i keep getting request page failed when i try to upload updates
  8. ye dude if you look that is the original file already in game so i dont need to do that and i did the two light mod as someone asked for it :) and if you look closer the green is 4 red is 4 purple is 4 like in game :p so that is done
  9. i cant make a hd wheel as i dont own thos mods but i can make that file in dds form for u to import in to ur hd wheels u downloaded :) if thats cool
  10. how can I edit dds files?? plz reply