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SteeringWheel without pedels

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by AndyMD, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hello all

    Just discovered this place and rekindled my love for F1 games. Haven't played one with a steering wheel since GP4.

    I can't use my feet - So my wheel at the mo is an old Thrustmaster which has detachable pedels and 2 sets of padels, I can use one set as gear padels and the other from gas and brake. However this wheel although was good back in the day, doesn't work any more.

    Are there any new wheels with a similar set up? Or I could just about play with auto gears, but would need anolouge padels to use as gas and brake.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Andy

    I have a similar problem, tho not as bad as yours, I still have one good-ish leg to use. How are your D.I.Y. skills? If your not too bad, I can help you make/adapt a wheel to your specs, so it will fit like a glove, work 100% and have all the latest force feed back that the new wheels can offer
  3. maybe a thrustmaster f1 wheel would be great, it has 4 shifting paddles like the picture below, it may be usefull for you becuse you can calibrate the lower ones as gas and break, and upper one for shifting.

    also think there is a wheel called thrust master RGT that also has 4 pedals on the back

    also think these wheels are using potentiometers on their paddles so you can press it slow and the car go slow and you press it harder the car goes faster, correct me if im wrong

    pic: http://www.finemodelcars.com/hi-res/hi_res_store/Full%20Size%20Steering%20Wheels/BMW%20F1.06/P1030539.JPG
  4. Cheers for the quick replies - The thrustmaster looks like the one to go for. Thanks Brian for the offer, I will see if I can get one 'off the shelf'. If I can't I'll take up your offer.

    Thanks again
  5. No problem Andy, gotta be a better bet if it will do the Job out of the box :)