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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by spankthemunkey1, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. high guys, just thought i would give raceroom a go because i am frustrated with project cars, i am using the g27, at the moment the steering feels very wallowy, there is about 10deg play left and right around centre when i am driving, its quite odd really as it feels like when you go around a corner it seems to turn like 45 degrees if you can understand what i mean, its like there is a lot of play at the top of the wheel. can anyone help me out on this 1 please. thanks guys
  2. There's at least ten threads about this very topic already, I suggest you snoop around a bit and I'm sure you'll find some, a hot tip would be starting at the top of this forum and read the sticky threads.
  3. yes i have looked and use your settings, it's like there is no steering between 11 o/clock and 1 o/clock. is it deadzone or something?, i am new to sim racing by the way
  4. jimortality


    I quite like having some play between 11 and 1 as I feel it's more realistic.
  5. go to the R3R forum on the R3R website
    There is a thread there for the wheel setups.
    One of the guys who made the sim, posted his log G27 wheel setup in profiler and ingame, works OK.
    Cant put the link here at the moment ( firewall at work lol).
  6. thanks for the replies guys, i spent about 3hrs last night setting things up and whu hey fixed, dont remember what i did though. 3 hrs thats all, i have spent nearly 2 weeks on project cars and it still aint right. i will go through my settings on rrre and write everything down for reference.
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  7. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    ive given up on pcars..... as ive spent since launch gettingffb. but theres more issues with pcars that i cant be bothered to deal with. Which have all been since fixed on other sims.

    RRe probably since release too (sector 3 arrival) i gave up too, if it wasnt for jyris file. Have you used lateral and vertical values less than hundred.]

    Although jyri did a test with a gsce ffb file and i need to try that asap.