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Steering Wheels

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Adam Hartwell, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Hey, well since the new season is approaching I thought i'dd get prepared early and upgrade from my old Thrustmaster steering wheel which often did two gears at a time and often the pedals didnt respond, i've done four FSR races and i'm hoping to pick up serious points in the up-coming 2012 season. But I must ask.
    Is buying a G27 or G25 for the large amount they are, does it actually add to your performance, I've heard their much easier to use and you can gain quite abit off them and I'm considering forking out for one.
  2. I first had a Momo and then switched to the G25, and it was a huge improvement in every way. The quality is also very good and it will last for years. Now I have a G27, which is just a little bit better than the G25, but the difference between these 2 wheels is not so big.
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    Incidentally, what IS the difference between the G25 and G27? As far as I can tell it's 4 extra buttons and no sequential stick shifter, but double the price. Am I missing something?

    Asking because my G25 is on the brink after 4 years and I'll probably need a new wheel soon too.
  4. The main difference between the G27/G25 is the feel of the FFB. With the G25 you feel the wheel hitting a "step" every few degrees of steering input. With the G27 the steering feels much smoother.

    Most will say it's a clear improvement over the G25, but there will be an adjustment period for sure.

    I don't know how good the thrustmaster wheel is, but some top drivers still drive with "lesser" wheels like the Logitech DFGT (Dennis Hirrle :)).
  5. I have decided to buy a G27 as the Thrustmaster decided to die on me last night, with the paddles no longer working. Hoping to get it within the next few days.
  6. just to ask, anyone got a fanatec?
  7. I preferred G25 over G27 and then sold the latter one. It's not often said, but these wheels have clear difference in force feedback. G25 being much sharper and direct. G27 had very fluffy output and it was also pretty much dead on center position due to having some sort of tweak to prevent oscillation.
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  8. From competition point of view some people might find this excellent post from InsideSimRacing interesting

    Logitec G25 (900 deg)
    500 hz update rate (2ms delay)
    9-10 ms latency (first move)
    Logitec G27 (900 deg)
    500 hz update rate (2ms delay)
    9-10 ms latency (first move)
    Fanatec GT3 (900 deg)
    500 hz update rate (2ms delay)
    14 ms latency (first move)
    Thrustmaster T500RS (tested at 900 deg, 1080 deg total)
    120 hz update rate (8ms delay)
    20-23 ms latency (first move)
    Logitec DFP (Driving Force Pro) (900 deg)
    120 hz update rate (8ms delay)
    28 ms latency (first move)
    Red Momo (240 deg)
    120 hz update rate (8ms delay)
    44 ms latency (first move)
    Black Momo (240 deg)
    120 hz update rate (8ms delay)
    35 ms latency (first move)
    Saitek R660 GT (180 deg)
    120 hz update rate (8ms delay)
    44 ms latency (first move)
    Sidewinder 2 joystick
    34-37 ms latency
    8 ms update rate
    Logitec Force 3D joystick
    34 ms latency (67 & 74 with wind up at end of travel)
    8 ms update rate
    Thrustmaster F430 (270 deg)
    60 hz update rate (16 ms delay)
    38 ms latency (first move)
    ECCI 7000 (900 deg ?)
    60 hz update rate (16 ms delay)
    43 ms latency (first move)
    Microsoft Sidewinder Wheel USB (red) (240 deg)
    60 hz update rate (14-16ms delay)
    44 ms latency (first move)
    ***Driver takes 8-16ms just to return from a call to getPosition and setForce
    Logitech Driving Force GT (DFGT) (900 deg)
    500 hz update rate (2ms delay)
    17 ms latency (first move)
    56 ms latency
    8ms update rate (driver takes 24 ms after update!)
    calls to getPosition take 8-16 ms to return and up to 56 ms when applying a force!
    44 ms latency
    16 ms update rate
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  9. I did the very same thing, had a g25 and g27 at 1 stage and sold the g27. G25 just felt better and more precise for me. G25 makes more noise, but when youre driving, i don't even hear the turning because of the engine sound. Went back to old momo aswell once and it just felt weird. But it's probably just that when youve driven a wheel for a long time it becomes ur own. Don't know what ill do if my G25 breaks, i dont think they still sell new G25's anymore.
  10. G27 has arrived, and it's much much more advanced than i could ever imagine, i'm having problems with the computer actually registering that the steering wheel is there. The brakes and accelerators work as the LED's light up, but the steering wheel doesnt. Lots of people seem to have had this problem.
  11. Installed from the delivered CD? DON'T do it. Go to their website and download the driver from there, and it will work. I had the same issue when I installed my G25 and then later the G27.