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Steering wheels durability question

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Franz Ulrich, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Hi to everybody:

    After one year and months of using my first steering wheel (a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 3 in 1), seems that it's life is ending (and pretty fast). The down shifter jumps two shifts randomly when actioning it once when taking slow curves. Also the brake paddle broke off a month ago but I managed to repair it (since warranty already is due) and is working better that the original.

    I've searched the forum about the best steering wheels in the market and is quite clear to me that the option can be the G25, Carrera GT3 (as first options), then Logitech's GT5 or MOMO (Thrustmasters? No thanks). The point here is that I don't care too much about the price as long as I'm doing a very good investment that will last.

    So my questions to everybody are:
    1) What wheel do you own?
    2) How long have been using it?
    3) Average use hours per week?
    (Let's say, one hour per week, 8 hours, 40 hours, etc.).
    4) Current state (is it working perfectly still, or has some defects or malfunctions, has any piece broken or has a loose play, etc.)

    As you can see durability is my concern... and let us know your experience no matter if your wheel is OK or not, or the brand and model (this is an open question). Also if you know any link to a thread that could give a hint please let us know also.

    Thanks to all.

  2. Logitech MOMO Racing: using it for more than 3 years, 6 hours a week, wheel itself is perfect but the shifter broke... can be easily fixed though...

    Logitech G25: brand new, so obviously no issues...

    Logitech DriveFX: using it for 2 years now, about 4 hours a week, everything perfect... just like new...

    edit: btw... why no Thrustmaster? their new F430 wheel is great and is only about 100$...
  3. Ive heard that the G25 is really the best in racing.
    I want one... But here, it costs over $600.... ==
  4. Where do you live, Monaco :wink2:
  5. I had a logitech momo, a good wheel, only the pedals are not so good.
    After one of the pedals broke, I bought a G25 and I am using it for over 2 years now, and never had any problems with it.
  6. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i had a logitech wingman formula force ( the first logitech force feedback wheel ) for 10 years, the first 6 years were flawless, after that i lost the force feedback but not the centering thingy. the biggest issue came in the last 2 years where the pedals started to go off and had to homemade fix them. the average time i was using it was 10 hours a week, now i got a G25 ( for a few months now ) and if its as good as my previous wheel i'm expecting the same durability as i play as much as i was playing with the old wheel.

    on a side note my first wheel was a thrustmaster and i had an issue with it and even the warranty was over i contacted them with the problem and without answering to me they send me a brand new wheel free of all charges so you might give that a try you might receive a brand new wheel like i did.
  7. i have like 4 years logitech momo and more than 2 years logitech g25.i broke on the wheel down gear pedal and i just changed the swich now is work i did because no warranty after 2 years.so g25 its not plus for me ,because never work well. finaly i think problem is win vista.many whell setup many ffb setting however i am not happy. every night 2 hours sometime betwwen 20-30 hours at week.and i just wait for g27 and than i will buy new pc with win xp to see whats the diferrent.
  8. now i realise, i had that wheel too!!! it was given to me about 9 years ago... i remember playing nfs 4 with it :) i gave it to my friend some time ago and it was still working perfectly...
  9. I recommend Logitech wheels to anyone who asks me because I've had such good use out of them over many years. I replaced a Logitech MOMO Force which was about 6 years old with a Logitech G25 that is still going strong almost 2 years on. The Logitech MOMO Force is still in use on a friends PC. Hard to quantify the hours spent using them but they have taken a lot of punishment and its only been the last year that I've had a racing frame to permanently mount the G25 so both the MOMO Force and the G25 took a lot of abuse being clamped and unclamped from various computer desks over the years and also being carted around to LAN parties etc.
  10. Warranty claim

    Thanks for the advice!


    But... I already contacted them when the brake pedal broke and they addressed me to the local store where I bought the wheel... and the answer from them was that warranty was due.
  11. Have a bunch of wheels but i've been using the G25 since it came out. Have got no issues with it at all, and been using it ALOT. Also i have been drifting with it quite alot in GT5prologue and the wheel gets absoluty smashed in it. With using the 900 degrees function alot it gets trown from full lock to full lock about every couple of seconds.

    Very good steeringwheel :)
  12. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I went from a bad Momo to a very, very good Thrustmaster F430 because I was waiting for the Logitech G27. What a differens, this wheel is so great a now know that I made a good choise. It has very detailt FFB and makes no nois. The is the same manifacture as Logitech. I forget the G27 very fast. I drive about 4 houres a day with max FFB settings.
  13. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I bought a Thrusmaster F430