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Steering Wheel Woes

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ben Owen, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. My trusty Thrustmaster RGT FF Pro has just decided to die on me. The paddleshift has stopped working after only 12 months use.

    Ive decided im not taking the risk in buying another thrustmaster because their support team were absolute bobbins.

    Apart from the G25 (Which i cant afford) what are the other options for around 80-100 pounds?

    Im not fussed about using clutch as i generally use paddle shift because i cant get used to having a gear shifter on the right side of the wheel as i live in England and drive with the gearstick on the "proper" side :call-me:

    Any ideas would be great.
  2. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

  3. should be a 24 month warranty on these so why not put in a claim?
  4. I tried but Guillimot Support is appalling and ive read about that the paddle shifter breaking is a common malfunction. So im looking for something a bit sturdier.
  5. Think i may try a fanatec wheel. Anyone tried one out yet?
  6. I use the Driving Force GT and it's great, Got mine for £60 brand new from a Ebay store. Great :)
  7. Thanks for the replies i got some food for thought now.

    At least i didnt get the usual answer (Save your money buy a G25)

    Right now where did i put my credit card?
  8. Game have the driving ofrce GT on sale at £65. It's the ps3 version but as I Understand, the latest Logitech drivers provide full support for it on the PC.

    Got to be worth a look!

    My 4 month old G25 is double downshifting on the paddles. Not so much of a problem on the fwd's but when your expecting to go from 3 to two for the low speed corners. You change down to 1st (thanks) 2 sec later your facing the wrong way. Happened on the '87 beemer the other night. Changed to the H shifter.
  9. Willie contact logitech and they will replace it, the support is very good for the G25.
  10. Bought a G25. Got them on offer at Novatech for £148 delivered.
  11. Good choice :D

  12. Yes, they are excellent!

    I had a problem with my shifter also. They told me to send in just the shifter and within a week, they sent me a brand new G25! Not just the shifter, but the entire unit!

    They are great! Call them.
  13. Just heard back from thrustmaster they sending the replacement parts for my wheel.
    But ive bought a G25 now so if anyones interested in a RGT Pro Clutch Edition Wheel, PM me.
    Ill throw the spares in when i get them.