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Steering wheel delay problem

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dian Kostadinov, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone. Ivo Mladenov, a friend from Bulgaria asked me, to share his problem here in this forum. I think this is a serious problem and hope to find a solution and will be very thankful for that.

    "Let me share with you my problem. I used to drive on my PC. Then I bought a new laptop and since then I have been driving on it.Once I had to drive on my PC (again) because my laptop was overheating. Two days before I had driven on one track and set consistent times. But when I started driving on the PC I couldn't reach these times and my consistency was even worse. I made very stupid mistakes which was not very ordinary. Regarded to the times - I was slower with 0,3-0,5 sec. I thought I had to get used to the larger monitor, because its screen resolution was larger. After a few days I started driving on my cleaned laptop. On my very first laps I set own fastest laps although I was with the same setup. Furthermore, the options of the steering wheel and the game options on the laptop and on the PC were exactly the same. Also, I did not make such mistakes. Now my laptop is overheating again. Firstly I drove a little on it to make a setup and set my personal best time. Then I started driving on the PC and my best time there was 0,7 slower. My consistency was worse and made stupid mistakes again... I tried to find a solution to this problem. And I do not know how I can solve it. That's why I want to ask you if you have had such and experience and know what the cause of this may be. Thank you in advance."
  2. I didnt quite catch what the problem really is other then delay with wheel inputs? First things that pops into my mind are that he has vsync on, his pc has some awful monitor with high response time and the change from laptop to pc feels weird. Then there's the obvious low fps which might make the delay with steering inputs..
  3. As Ville said look if Vsync is activated. Also look FPS and refresh of both screens (Hz)...
  4. This is because the monitor Dian. Some TV/Monitors have huge delay between what you do and what you see. Its the frequency of the same. Try to change them, but the only solution I know is to buy a new one. There are special monitors to avoid these kind of problems (gaming ones, for example).
  5. Hello, actually I am the person with the problem, I realised that I had made an account here so Dian will not write on behalf of me any more. Yes, I had checked VSync, but I forgot to mention it, it was always off. But I checked the frequency of both monitors and I saw something interesting - the laptop's monitor has frequency of 75 hz whereas the other monitor's frequency is 60 hz. At this moment, I do not need another monitor, so I'll leave this alternative for future. Actually, I am considering connecting the PC with laptop's monitor, but I don't know if this is possible. Has anyone tried it?
  6. 75hz vs 60hz wont make that big of a difference. It must be something to do with your monitors response time. Try checking it from google, but im pretty sure its your problem.

    I have no idea about using laptops monitor in a pc. I dont think its possible because it doesnt really make any sense to do that. :D
  7. I am extremely happy to read about moltivite.. I need to read about this completely..
    I'll share this info to my friends too..
  8. hey i am also want to say like you that Actually, I am considering connecting the PC with laptop's monitor, but I don't know if this is possible. Has anyone tried it?i agreed you

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