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Steering Wheel Confusion!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jonveo, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Hi people,

    First off, I'm sure you are sick of steering wheel threads, so if this post really annoys you, please don't comment on it!

    I am having real trouble figuring out which wheel is suitable and rated highly for the 360. Ive seen that the Microsoft one isnt great and seems to be out of stock everywhere, and then there is this awesome 'fanatec' which seems to be PC and PS3 based. Then other wheels are compatible but don't have a the pedals with it?!

    What I am really looking for, is someone who had the same problems, has a 360, and has a great wheel to recommend that I will go and buy, I seem to be spending hours searching!!

    Thanks for any help, sorry again if this has been posted a million times before!
  2. I hear fanatec make a good wheel and if you want 1 for the Xbox 360 then i hear the GT2 is the 1 to get!
    Never used fanatec and i dont use an Xbox so i dont know how good the wheel is or what else is avalible for the xbox.
  3. Thanks guys, very useful info! I think I will hang on then and wait for the new models, I mainly play F1 2010 (just pre ordered 2011) does this have a bearing on my choice?
  4. Well , dont even look at the new Microsoft wheel if you're a serious racer ;-)

    The madcatz will go for 260 euros , there will also be a cheaper model.

    Just wait for the review(s) :)
  5. Yes I got the impression that the microsoft wheel was very generic and not that good!

    The only racing game I have is F1, and I'm pretty into it atm! I drive without assists and am in top 400 on most TT's. Does this make me a serious racer? I have no idea if by some peoples standards I'm still pretty amateur?!
  6. I have the MS wireless racing wheel and pedals (360 only; discontinued in 2007), the Logitech Driving Force GT (for PS3 and PC only) and the Fanatec GT2 wheel and Clubsport pedals (360, PS3 and PC). The Fanatec is hands down the best of the three, and in my opinion, the best wheel on the market. It has superb force feedback, you can adjust the settings on the fly, during a race, and it is compatible with all three major platforms. Don't bother waiting for the new wheels (many of which look awesome). If you have the cash, just go ahead and order yourself a Fanatec GT2 ($250), Clubsport pedals ($200) and a wheel stand ($130-$200), all at fanatec.com. You also can use a wheelstandpro to mount the wheel and pedals. Best gaming decision I ever made was to invest in the Fanatec wheel and pedals. I have never regretted it. Yes, it takes some time to get the stuff, but once you have it, and it is working, you will be in racing heaven.
  7. Thanks Zero for your help. Do you say dont wait for the new ones because they will be a long time to wait for? Or because they wont be much better?

    Also I have a desk that I was hoping to use for the wheel, can it be mounted or clipped to a desk?
  8. the fanatec wheel clamp is not great, i have a wooden desk so drilled 4 holes to mount it. they do sell a metal mounting bracket which also allowys you to tilt the wheel.
  9. You drilled through your desk?! Are there clamps with it then? Also which wheel do you have?

    If I got the standard pedals and GT2 wheel from fanatec, would that be the best choice for the money? Works out around £262.00 (300EUR).
  10. yep 4 holes for my wheel and another 4 to mount my shifter :D

    yes there is a clamp that comes with the wheel, but it didn`t fit my desk to good as theres a part of the frame that was in the way and with the standard clamp they wheel could tip forward and as i`m heavy handed and have even pulled a G25 of my desk and they have strong clamps i chouse the bolt it down.

    i have the TurboS wheel and all the current fanatec wheels use the same mounting clamp.
  11. In my opinion, both. There is no release date or prices for the new wheels (they look awesome). Moreover, I cannot imagine a better wheel than my GT2. It does everything I want and more. Plus, the price is more than fair. Yes, one or more of the new Fanatec wheels might be better, but I cannot fathom that they are so much better that its worth the wait.

    You can mount the GT2 to a desk, but the stock mount is not very solid. My suggestion is that you look into buying the table clamp, which is much more solid.