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Steering too sensitive with xbox 360 controller

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Adi Sahar, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Way too sensitive lol ...

    I know this is a sim and the most ideal is to use a wheel. However since I currently lack a wheel, as a temp solution, I'm using my xbox 360 controller. Problem is, the steering wheel spins way too fast and the entire cockpit camera really wobbles from side to side. Also, when using cockpit cam and pressing the rear cam all I see is the cabin, I can't see my opponents from behind. :\
  2. Go into your plr file and find the line( self in rear view) change the value to 0 and save it then you will see everything behind you.
  3. As for the steering the only thing you can do is alter the steering sensitivity in controller options.
  4. Hmm... it fixed the rear cam problem, thanks. As for the controller, I tried everything and nothing helps, it just stays the same. The steering wheel pops from one side to the other way too fast. So fast, that it ruins the game completely because it causes unrealistic behavior and I spin without even being able to do an opposite lock.
  5. Increase speed sensitive steering. I think I use it at about 60%
  6. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Have you tried loading the Xbox360 profile from the controller menu? Coupled with steering help set to low, stability control to high, TC and ABS at least on low, it should be quite controllable.
  7. I will try that, thanks. Any clue why I'm getting a 'join timed out' each time I try to join a server?
  8. Ok... I've done some tests with the options you mentioned and there isn't any improvement, it still goes way too fast from side to side. You guys should work it out so it's like a dual shock 3 in GT5.
  9. I have the same on Renault Truck Racing for no reason, FTruck is fine however.
  10. Dunno... in pcars it's working good, but on FTruck I experience this problem.
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  11. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    upload your controller file and that way we can see if its something obvious

  12. Which file is it? :)
  13. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    FTruck\UserData\Controller\your controller.ini

    its in there usually ; im on win7 and dont install to program files

  14. Hmm.. I just realized that things like steering assists aren't solid ground for making it better. That's because it can be over-ruled in multiplayer sessions, where the host can completely turn it off. :\

    I'm afraid I'll have to go for a refund if this doesn't get fixed in the time period I have (30 days I'm guessing). It's not a threat, it's just that I cannot enjoy the game like this and therefore it will be money spent for nothing. Will probably re-purchase it once I get a wheel.
  15. Hmm.. one of the more important things I forgot to mention is lack of FFB. It just doesn't work on my controller. Works in all other games though.
  16. I tend to use either a playstation or 360 pad for most of my testing and it works perfectly (even without aids) after a little tweaking of the advanced controller settings. Have you tried reducing the sensitivity of your steering axis, and adding a little deadzone (so the game ignores the bit of play all thumbsticks have around the centre)?

    I don't think the rumble function is supported, though I guess there may be an rfactor plugin around somewhere that could potentially add the functionality.
  17. I tried to copy what this guy did:

    didn't work that great either. :\