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Steering Lock

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Chadd, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. I don't quite understand how the steering lock works, or what it should be set to. I'm also having a hard time figuring out what the wheel rotation should be set to for each group of vehicles. As far as the steering lock though, what does it represent? If I am using the stock car 2015, I usually use a 540 rotation, and a steering lock of 20, but I am not sure what that 20 is on relation to the wheel rotation. I hope that makes sense, and if not I can try to explain myself better if anymore info is needed. I don't think it makes any difference but I am using a Fanatec Clubsport V2 base on a triple screen setup. Thanks in advance
  2. 20 degree steering lock is a bit low for 540 degrees of rotation. I Personally use 18 at 360, 21 at 450, 24 at 540, 27 at 720, and 30-33 at 900
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  3. "Steering Lock" is the maximum angle of the wheels, and "Steering Rotation" is the angle from end to end (lock to lock) of the steering wheel. So if you have 20° and 540°, turning the steering wheel all the way to the left (540°/2 = 270° to the left) will make the front wheels turn 20° to the left.

    You should set it as you like. That's why they are options on the set up menu.

    And if you have trouble with your steering wheel rotating differently from the ingame steering wheel, you should set "Enable Custom Steering Rotation" to "No", and take the appropriate actions on your wheel's software to enable the game to change your wheel's rotation.
  4. ouvert


    It also determines relation between steering and wheel rotation... How much your wheel turns when you're turning steering wheel... In AMS just leave it to auto setting and fine tune it in car setup menu to your liking (more lock, more sensitive steering, more turning in) or to makenit more suitable to the track
  5. So I did turn on enable custom rotation and set it to 900. When it was off it was at 450...should I turn it off again and just set up the rotation for each vehicle in the tuning menu?
  6. Are there certain groups of vehicles that you use each of those rotations for? Or just whatever feels best?
  7. I always use the maximum rotation allowed so that I have more lock I can apply in slippery situations. I use 450 at 21 for all formula cars except the Vee, where I use 900 at 33 degrees.
  8. What do you use for cars like the stock cars or mini? Do you use 900?
  9. PicoBp

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    If you leave it off, AMS will automatically set the steering rotation to the realistic car specific value, from where you can finetune within a reasonable range.
  10. I'll give that a try. With the steering lock that they give (450 DOR and a 14 steering lock)...should I leave that at 14? Or if I do need to change it, should so go up or down?
  11. ouvert


    if 14 works for you keep it .. if it is too sensitive for you go down, if it is not steering fast enough for your taste go up ... if you are on track with tight hairpins going up might help .. except Superkart every car ingame is fine for me on default settings (automaticaly set) .. I would tune some formulas probably
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  12. I use 540 at 24 for the stock cars and 540 at 27 for the rallycross lancer. I don't really have a choice with the old stock cars and the Minis. Anywhere around 30-33 for the 900 degree cars feels good.
  13. Can you clarify this pls, about wheel's software? So we shouldn't leave profiler at 900deg (G27)?
  14. Spaldinio


    For G27 I allow game to adjust settings in profiler and have custom steering rotation disabled in game, but the wheel animation still doesn't match actual rotation regardless of car. It did the same in GSCE for me. Kind of used to it now but if I'm missing something would appreciate nod in right direction.. Cheers
  15. Same here. Everytime in the garage, I have to use the G27 shortcut buttons to set wheel's rotation.
  16. Since the automatic steering rotation update on SCE it works perfectly with my G27. Here goes my settings, so I don't have to write a lot.

    2016-03-06_00001.jpg Sem título.png
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  17. Spaldinio


    Ditto - don't know why not working for Joel and I. It's doing its stuff in game when I disable custom rotation, just not setting rotation in profiler out of game. Tried running game in admin mode but no change. Exact same problem in GSCE. Easy to work around with shifter hotkeys but pain in the knackers.

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  18. Maybe if you change the Global Settings instead of Specific Settings.
  19. Sax


    I'm a G27 user also,

    900 degrees in profiler and in controller settings works fine for me.
    So i can adjust Setting rotation and Steering lock in the car/circuit setup, i love it.

    Profiler settings AMS.JPG Controller settings AMS.JPG
  20. I use a 180 wheel and have a hard time with the lock thing! I have no real clue how much to set.
    In tin-tops I use 20 lock and open-wheelers 18.
    It sometimes feels like the wheels are turning too much and sliding, and if I lower the lock, I can't turn the car in the corner and run out of road. The response time of the wheels feels slow and I have to start the turn very early.
    All help would be welcome..thanks guys.