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Steering Lock with G27

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Eifion Evans, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I've already commented in the feedback thread about how great this mod.

    However I only played it with a wheel for the first time this week and I'm having problems with the steering. The cars do not respond well to steering at any speed and in the slower corners I have to slow down to a virtual crawl and apply an aweful lot of steering angle in order to make the turns? Is there a setting I've overlooked.

    My profiler settings are pretty much default with 200 degrees of lock, ingame settings are moslty default too, just reduced speed sensitivity and reduced FFB slightly. Im not using RealFeel yet but intend to install.

    Any help would be much appreciated, I really want to make the most of this excellent mod.
  2. 200° !? Don't go any further...

    A V8 Supercar uses 540° of rotation and between 18° and 22° of Steering Lock ;)
  3. Wiliam, are you saying I should increase rotation to 540 degrees? At 200 I dont get the same problem with other mods.

    Thanks for the links Doug.
  4. You should increase it there to get more realism since it's how they run them in real-life ;)
  5. Wheel setting are a personal preference thing. It's not about what they run in real life, It's about how you like to have it. Those links will show you how to set up the wheel and what is need to do that. The rest is up to you on how much degree of angle you prefer. How heavy or lite you like the wheel to be. Once you've set the Logitech profile you can use the in-game settings such as the steering lock. Because this is in the garage you can change this to suit any one specific track.

    Using the Controller/ForceFeedback settings you can then adjust your wheel to suit each different mod you use. RealFeel is very good foe this. You can make changes to it that will effect that mod only. Also with realFeel the settings are automaticly loaded when you use that mod unlike the setting in Controller/ForceFeedBack were you must go to to load the settings you've saved for any one specific mod.
  6. Sorry for the bump but I never resolved my issue with this mod and would love to race this mod again.

    I've tried it with increased steering angle in logitech profiler of 540, 720 and 900 degrees as well as increasing steering lock in the garage setup but the car just doesn't turn :( I dont have this issue with other mods, i just dont understand it :(

    Any ideas guys? This is a fantatsic mod but I cannot play it, a real shame.
  7. its because when you increase the limit the turning gets slower if when you had it at 200 degrees it would work fine but at 540,720,900 the turning would really be slow
  8. For tintops I prefer 540 degrees of rotation now (200 is too arcadey) so what amount of steering lock in the garage setup should be good? I've tried everythig from the lowest to hightest already to no avail.
  9. Between 18 to 22 with 540° of rotation.

    Of course don't forget to get rid of the speed sensitive steering and the steer ratio speed, you don't need those with a steering wheel.