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Steering Lock/Ratio?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Spinelli, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. How do I know the steering ratio for every single car and car-model? The game must know the correct ratio since SCE/AM has had "auto steering ratio" for a good few months now. I'm not using it though because I heard it doesn't work with the OSW nor the Fana CSW V2 (was using the CSW V2 before). I don't really care as I can just manually set the car's steering lock in the garage screen myself to match the ratio but the problem is that I cannot find the steering ratio...

    I've checked a few different cars and they all had the same steering ratio; they all used a steering wheel rotation of 450 degrees and steering/tyre lock of 14 degrees. I have a difficult time believing so many cars have this exact same steering ratio (about 16.1:1).

    How/where can I find the default steering ratios for all cars. They must be somewhere since the game supports it automatically now...
  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    I used to just Google them... Or just calculate it from lock and degree of rotation as you did with car u used as example (most cars have similiar ratio that will fall into that scale you have in AMS) .. I have some general values for different classes, ill post them when ill get home (somebody will probably do that sooner)...
  3. Ya, but it doesn't seem to work in AMS.

    Every car that I've tried loads with 450 and 14 degrees.

    I'll look through the game-files later on. Maybe I can find it somewhere.
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  4. ouvert

    Premium Member

    oh .. than something is wrong .. not the case in my AMS, cars have different rotation and locks with different scale you can adjust them ... have you tried usual integrity check ?
  5. does not work with OSW ACCUFORCE.. or any dd wheel
  6. I know the automatic method doesn't work with the OSW but I'm trying to find what the steering rotation and lock would otherwise be so that I can manually set it myself.

    I don't really care if it's not automatic, I'm just trying to find those values so I can set it accordingly.
  7. ouvert

    Premium Member

    sure it wont set soft lock on wheel but values in garage should be set in car files .. so the same for everybody ..
  8. I looked through many of the car files and I don't think I saw anything regarding the default steering ratio for each car.

    These steering ratios may be in each car's HDV or PM file but it seems we're not able to access them besides the Mini Safety Car. I went through it's HDV and PM file but saw nothing.

    These must be somewhere in a file, possibly one of the encrypted files. Or maybe Reiza just programmed it directly into the EXE and therefore we almost certainly won't be able to extract it?

    There must be a way we can see what the game is using for each car's steering ratio.
  9. ouvert

    Premium Member

    so it look like there are 4 types of stering setting in game:
    Opala, MIT, Charger, Mini: 900 deg - 32 lock (with range 900/10 - 900/33)
    V8 Stock, MR18, Marcas ... : 450/20 (range 360/10 - 540/33)
    Formulas: 360/18 (range 360/10 - 450/33)
    Karts: I didn`t check but it is different than those 3 mentioned options
  10. Thanks for that.

    Wow, 450/20 for the V8s and an equivalence of 450/22.5 for the Formulas? Those are equivalent to 900/40 and 900/45; I only used to use around 900/30 or 900/31 with the V8 Stock Cars and Super Cars. Those ratios (450/20 and 360/18) seem unrealistically quick to me.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
  11. Some numbers I've read about what Formula cars have is like 12.5:1-13:1 so if we take the range for the Formula cars and do 450/18 that's 12.5:1.

    However I've found that faster ratios are perfectly controllable in most cars barring perhaps the FExtreme. With DD wheels I suppose faster ratios may in fact have a penalty in terms of effort required to turn the wheel making real life values more important to you.
  12. ouvert

    Premium Member

    450/18 is exactly what I`m using based on feeling :) .. I think as long as we have range to adjust steering to our liking/track character we are good ... thing I`m missing in some other sims ...
  13. Ya, it's controllable, no doubt, I wasn't saying it's uncontrollable, I just find the ratio to be unrealistic, not in terms of numbers "on paper," but in practice - the way the physics behave in the ISI engine - and I therefore think slower, unrealistic steering racks are often more realistic.
  14. Yeah, 360/18 means a steering ratio of 10:1, which is way too fast. If it helps as reference, the steering ratio of certain F3 model in real life is 12.5:1 (which matches the 450/18 combination), GP2 is 14:1 and Formula Renault 3.5 about 14.5:1. I'd expect modern F1 cars to have similar ratios to GP2, some teams a bit faster, some a bit slower, but somewhere there.

    Edit: For those who maybe don't know how to translate steering ratio into the game ... select whatever steering range you prefer (for example 400º) then divide it by the steering ratio value (12.5 like a F3 for example) and by 2. It will give the steering lock value needed.

    And now that we talk about steering locks etc, it would be nice if the lock step was 0.5 by 0.5 instead of 1 by 1, to give more precision.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016