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Apps Steering Input Display 0.1

Shows steering input on-screen

  1. dJomp submitted a new resource:

    Steering Input Display - Shows steering input on-screen

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  2. Hi dJomp
    Please advise which folder this file is installed.
    Thanks Fozz
  3. Into your AC install directory, normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\
  4. Esotic

    Premium Member

    @dJomp for some time I've been wondering about how to visualize best lap inputs (steering, clutch, brake, throttle, gear) and current speed against current lap inputs and speed (I'm assuming this would work well in conjunction with a performance delta). I was never really sure how to represent the steering wheel (from a coding standpoint), and this is a pretty good UI element. Let me know if you'd like to coordinate on something like a "real-time inputs and speed analysis app". :)


  5. @Esotic You're welcome to use the code in another project if you like, if you just add a credit to me. I have almost zero time to be working on anything like this now - this was created during a week off.
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