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Misc Steering feel on Game Stock 2012 mods

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Mike Bruce Smith, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Hi All
    I'm a little confused about FFB and the feeling of weight/pressure i feel in the wheel. The FFB and tightness of the wheel seems ideal in the games base vehicles but the mods such as Porsche Mobil Supercup, Arial Atom, Clio etc don't seem to have any feeling at all. The wheel feels floaty, disconnected, especially after driving stock cars. The exception is the Megane which has a little bit of tension when you are cornering. Can anyone assist?
  2. Well, some mods have a .txt inside the mod's zip file where you can grab the parameters to include into realfeel.ini (can't check the exact name now, I'm at work, but it's the file responsible for the ffb effects of the realfeel plugin - maybe the name isn't exactly this, but it is found in the games root folder. Use notepad to edit it).
    Some mods doesn't have this info, and I'm trying to solve this as well (for instance, Meganes and Clio).
    Good luck
  3. When comparing any game's original cars to mods it's quite normal that they feel different. Some may feel better, some worse and some exactly the same as original. It's all about tweaking realfeel, and to find proper setup, and even then you might not like the mod.

    Also cars are supposed to feel different when comparing different classes. That's how it is in real life too. F1 cars are totally different beasts compared to, for example, WTCC cars and so forth.

    If you compare GSC stock V8 to Porsche Supercup mod you have to remember that those boys at Reiza has tweaked and tweaked their cars to make them perfect. So also take that to consideration when comparing mods to original game content.
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  4. Yes I have noticed the readme.txt files on a few of the mods. I didn't know anything about realfree until I downloaded the V8 Supercars mod and couldn't drive round the first corner without crashing. The guys at GTSimracing gave me a script which I copied to the realfeelplugin. It transformed the cars and made them drivable. Some of the other mods had no feel in the wheel but a tip from Jebus on how to increase/decrease the FFB has worked on some of them. The new DTM2013 mod is one I can't get enough FFB to make it realistic but the Porsche mod is brilliant. I guess for a newbie like me it's hard to know where to and how to improve handling and performance. I know that there is plenty of assistance out there it's just finding it that takes time. Thanks for you're feedback.
  5. I agree totally Jebus, I wouldn't want the cars to be all exactly the same. I think it's just knowing what to do and how to do it (without having to read 10,000 pages). If a basic set up guide exists that helps us newbies to understand I want it. On another matter I installed a mod (http://www.racedepartment.com/forum...or-single-monitor-players.63166/#post-1344720) that creates a hood view for the stock cars. I love it and was wondering whether it could be adapted or modified to suit some of the other car mods.
  6. Try adding some caster in car setup, that adds some more feel to the car. Caster can be found from 2nd setup page.
  7. I'll try it mate.
  8. Hey Mike can you please give a bit more information about how you got the v8 supercars mod to work properly? I'm having the same issues as you, it's like the wheel has a mind of its own everytime I turn
  9. Go tosettings, controls, move the ffb slider from -100 to +100
  10. ...or just press CTRL+NUMPAD8 to invert FFB while in the game.