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steering / beginner / need help

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by leffty, May 10, 2015.

  1. I'm a beginner, i need your help, please
    So, i am using an Xbox 360 wireless controller for PC
    I don't know what settings are the best for me, i tried for about 2 hours, i can't find the right settings
    When i'm driving, sometime, the car is to sensitive and i can't bring it back to road again [​IMG]
    Please help me
    When i play online, when the race begins, very often i receive the message " Manual Control " or something like that, i i don't know / don't want ( for now ) to use the manual gears. That's too hard for me
    I have the settings " Automatic " on the Controlls settings
    Thanks in advance
  2. jimortality


    The manual control message is normally what you get coming out of the pits and it's letting you know you have control of the car.
  3. im also having problems using controller to control car iv tried so many different settings with no joy this game has become unplayable for me using controller. its a shame really as i was looking forward to this. hope they sort something out
  4. Yes, but as i said, i'm a beginner, and sometime when it's says " MANUAL CONTROL " the 1 gear remains as it is, about 79 km/h, so i have to change to 2 / 3 / 4 gears, and that's too hard for me
  5. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    you might want to fiddle with difficulty settings like traction control, stability control and ABS.
    This game has some pretty aggresive cars which will be difficult to drive even if you are pretty good.

    first time i started up, i was racing like a pro, setting good times, untill i found out that all aids were on. with these settings turned of it was a diffirent game.

    hope this will make the game more fun,

  6. Do you mean, those ?
    Please tell me how to make the settings for Traction Control / Stability Control
    " YES" or " NO " for a better control ??

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  7. traction control yes, steering assist no
  8. If you have no problems to drive in a GT3 car but ie in a Go Kart ... try this one:
    Change in the Setup (under Edit Tuning Setup / Edit Current Setup --> Vehicle --> Alignment (page 3)) the Steering Ratio to a higher value and try then ....
  9. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    in order of appearance:
    1.Steering assistance helps steering into and out of corner, if you dont steer it will steer into corner, personally i find this annoying.
    2.brake assistance helps determine braking point or when overspeeding into or out of corner.
    3.driving assists are anti lock brakes, stability control and traction controll
    4.ALB, also known as abs prevents wheel from blockin, check workings on youtube to grasp the idea
    5.stability control, when racing or sliding it helps by correcting wheelspin.
    6. traction control, when accelerating it prevents the wheels from spinning

    personally i would turn of all of them and test what you like by turning one on at a time. so you feel the diffirence.

    hope this helps!!