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SteelSeries SRW S1 Wheel G25/27 Quick Release system

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Pablo Lopez, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hi!
    I am pleased to announce an idea i had sometime ago about the SteelSeries SRW S1 wheel.


    As much as i love the wheel itself, the fact that it is like a Wii wheel kills all the enjoyment for me.
    so i tried to attach it on my G27 without goal...

    Thanks to Juan Zapata (JZfilms http://simulaje.blogspot.com.es/) this is now a reality!
    We tried to think in a good, sturdy and cheap method to attach his already good QR system to the wheel itself and this is the final product.


    The system is divided in 3 pieces:

    -The adapter to attach the wheel to the wheel portion of the QR system --> 20€
    -The complete QR system, 2 pieces, one to attach to the G25/27 base, and one to attach to the wheel rim --> 90€
    -Aditional piece of the QR system to attach it to another extra rim you have --> 55€

    shipping cost will be depending on the place to deliver.

    the QR system is now in production and orders will take place soon!

    Hope u like it guys!

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  2. hi , fantastic ! would i only need the complete QR system for my g25 @ 90 euro ? and do the pedals on the g25 still work whit the wheel attached ? thanks . great work !!
  3. Great question, I'd like to know that as well! I feel like getting both controllers to work on one game would depend on the game. I was thinking about that last night but never actually researched it, possibly something like xpadder may be needed.
  4. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Yes, I think the pedals will work the same.
  5. its what i think also , if not whats the point ! but i still have to hear it from the horses mouth .
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  7. Hello! I have a G27 wheel and i think to buy SWR S1 Wheel. I want to use both G27 and SRW S1 Wheel on the same wheel engine. Do you send this piece and wheel fixed up by you ? When i pay 90 Euros , do i have these 3 pieces that fixed to G27 , fixed to SRW S1 Wheel and fixed to engine? Button of G27 are connected to engine with cables that it means when i leave it ,it is still connected with the engine. But it looks like very easy to leave it from engine that you show us on the video. Do the cables of G27's buttons connect with the piece that we will fix it rearside of wheel? And does the reaction time of the wheel change after using this? Do you have more clear explanation for how to do this?
  8. Since G27 has only 6 buttons on the rim I am wondering if all buttons work when SRW-1 is connected?
  9. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen

    +1 on that question.
  10. would be nice to hear something from Pablo Lopez about all these questions !
  11. translate whit bing . but i have been there and they dont say more then mr Lopez
  12. yeah, but his business would get further with a website in english.

    bing translation:

    System composed of 5 parts made in DURALUMIN, 2 des which are anchored in the body of the G25/G27, the rest, is added to each extra wheel, which we want to put. This system is equipped with a 15-pin connection, used to maintain the functionality of the ring of the G25/G27 of all components, both buttons, leds, as cam. Aside from these connections, also allows you to connect USB devices up to two extra, this only can be done by inserting the cables inside the steering wheel axis, either the G25 or G27, heavy duty, by having to remove the body from the steering wheel, but little difficulty.
  13. It seems most of the correspondence is on his youtube channel

  14. Another update from Juan Zapata.

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  15. Just to update this thread a bit.. I'm American, and purchased the system for my Logitech DFGT.. Yes, they have a working DFGT system now, too!! The system is pretty simple to install, and ALL buttons on the SRW-S1 work.. However, most simulations do not see the dials, so they do not work in anything except SimRaceway.. I have been looking at a way to get them to work in other sims, though.. ;) You actually add a second USB cable, so you now have 2 USB cables coming from your wheel base.. One powers the wheel base (force feedback, shifter, etc) while the other powers the SRW-S1.. Now your DFGT/G25/G27 is controller 1, and the SRW-S1 is controller 2..

    I have found some issues with the DFGT system and Juan is aware of them and hopefully is working on a fix.. I have corrected the problem by simply unplugging the DFGT's onboard button cables since that rim will not be connected to the DFGT anyway.. :)
  16. how mutch did the whole thing cost you , what exactly did you buy ( components and all ) i have a G25 and i want to leave the SRW-S1 on all the time . thanks .
  17. I bought the complete system to install the SRW-S1 onto the DFGT.. I did not purchase the extra piece to use the DFGT rim as I don't see it as a necessity since I have a spare DFGT that I can swap to if I want to use a round rim.. In American dollars, the cost was 110 Euros for the Quick Release Full JZ and SRW-S1 plate.. Shipping to the USA was expensive, but expected.. If you do not plan to use your G25 rim again, you do not need the extra 55 Euro piece..
  18. thanks , i guess the construction of the peices are very good and strong ? please let us know if you enconter problems . where did you order it ? what site ? , i will wait till after christmast to get mine , sorry for all the questions :)
  19. the construction is Duralumin Bporion, its really strong, BDavis is right on the price for only have the SRWS1 on the wheel base.

    i have a vid showing my rig where i featured the QR