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Steelseries SRW-S1 opinions

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by vraev, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just ordered a steelseries SRW-S1 on ebay. I looked at the amazing thrustmaster wheels (ferrari F1) and then almost had a heart attack when I saw the price. I figured I'll give the srw-s1 a try. I looked up reviews which said the motion control is actually pretty decent. I was planning on bolting it down with mount to my gorilla SLR tripod. I currently use a 360 gamepad. Any opinions on this wheel? Is it good? is it a upgrade from the gamepad? I keep reading that consistently this wheel is atleast 2 sec slower than a true wheel aka the logitech G27 for instance.


  2. Hy! I have SRW-S1! Ideal is to mount this wheel to a G25/27 Wheel, or another cheap wheel but with good pedals. The sensors for the steer are very good, some people said that are better than sensors on Logitech G27. This wheel is very sensible and is broken freqvently if you reset the computer many times in short time or you have problems with the power!!! When it works is very good specialy mounted on G25/27, but the key is to have good pedals, specialy for F1 2013 in order to perform. If you use the sensors for steering from SRW-S1 you don't have the forcefeedback from the G25 or any wheel, but instead you have the centered force of the G25/27 that is also good. You can use all the buttons from SRW-S1 to control many things in the game, especilly if you have a g25 who has only 2 buttons on whell!
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  3. William Wester

    William Wester
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    I switch between an Xbox controller, SRW-S1, and a Fanatec CSR w/Elite pedals. I think the S1 is a very good buy and a vast improvement over a console controller. I actually use the S1 more than my Fanatec as I race many times in short spurts and don't take the time to connect my wheel setup.
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  4. i mounth this wheel in mt g27
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  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Glad to know atleast its not going to be a waste of 70$. I might try to find an old logitech for sale on kijiji and mod it..but for now...since i game on my laptop...its convenient to have a pack up and go wheel. Looking forward to checking it out. My only gripe is the FF. I got used to it a bit on the 360 controller...but hey... I guess the axes have a bit more dynamic range for the srw-s1..so should be better to correctly throttle out of slow corners.
  6. I have had a S1 for the past year and think it is great. Took about a week to get use to it. I used a game pad before, just like any wheel or pad setting it up in the game options and setting the steering sensitivity on the wheel itself are key to have a great experience with it. I just use it with out any mount, just relax your arms to your side , bend at the elbows. People criticize it because they try and drive with arms extended and the wheel out in front of them.
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  7. thanks for the tips. Gives me peace that its a good purchase. :)
  8. Just got my SRW-S1 yesterday. Man! it is a hard transition from the pad to this wheel. First opinions is that the pedals on the wheel are "SO MUCH" better than the 360 triggers. So much more depth.... now I can have TC off and still manage to properly accelerate out of corners. The biggest problem is judgement with cornering speed and wheel motion. I guess this is why force feedback would be helpful.Its just hard to judge how fast I go into corners correctly. I got used to gamepad and now this is a brand new beast to tame. I did a 1.01 lap at brands hatch with 360 gamepad. But with the wheel I managed a best of only 1.03. Min 2 sec off the pace. A lot of getting used to.
  9. I havn't been able to get throttle control to work, no matter what "advanced controller" settings i setup for throttle deadzone and saturation, the rev counter is either blank or full. I cant figure out if its messing up my game either, having trouble on harder difficulties. dont know if brakes have the same problem either, no vibration, no idea if im locking up at all.

    Any one had these problems?
  10. There is no vibration support for this wheel. Out of the box it was recognized (throttle and brake), but when I go in options and manually assigned buttons to my liking. I would say first try in windows game controller settings and see if the axes/analog buttons are registering properly.
  11. Hello! Does anyone know is there a some kind of desk mount system available? I have a srw-s1 but it really needs a simple desk mount.Keyboard is better only because without desk mounting the srw s1 is not good.I have a wheel&pedals too,but no time to set it up(and take it off.)
  12. Well, I opened it up, drilled it and screwed it to my G27's base, if that's what you mean...
  13. I ment only something that I could attach/mount it to desk.No pedals&wheel system.Just the srw s1 wheel.