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SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rosso, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Rosso


    Hi guys, I've been looking around for racing wheels for the past little while, my original plan was to get a Logitech Driving Force Pro, however I came across the SRW-S1 at FutureShop today. But despite it being cheaper than the DFP, I was hesitant about it because of the fact that it's a non-mount wheel (you hold it in the air).

    So I was wondering if anybody else has had any experience with this wheel? or if I should just stick with the DFP for now.
  2. Jorma Samuli

    Jorma Samuli

    I have srw- s1,but it was useless without mount,so I bought this too from ebay http://www.wheelstandracing.com/pages/simraceway-wheel-clamp.htm 38€+delivery

    The wheel is very cheap here,only 8€ +postal shipping. http://cdon.fi/kodin_elektroniikka/...s-simraceway-s1-srw-s1-racing-wheel-p17803261

    Not bad if you dont need a full set with wheel and pedals.I have old logitech momo,but im too lazy to hassle with that.Srw s1 with clamp is much easier.For casual racing.Far better than keyboard or other pad controllers.
  3. Msportdan


    Interested in a DFGT? im selling mine.