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SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Steering PC Wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Andy Jackson, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. No one yet?
  2. I've never tried one, I have no need with the set-up I have. I just though this might point you in a better direction, or atleast a starting point.
    If you don't like using pedals and shifters, maybe sim racing is not for you. Like going in a boat without any water, hot air balloon without any hot air, watching a documentary without the sound on (or subtitles) (maybe a bad example :confused:). Wow, I sound like a huge asshole now don't I? Sorry.
  3. Sim racing is very much for me mate. Been sim racing since the dawn of the internet in various guises. Just after a wheel that I can plug in and use occasionally. Thats all.:cool:
  4. I have one. I wrote a very short review on youtube => 210Z3kyLooo=> cestmoi176.

    I bought one a couple of weeks ago. Played with it for one hour and it stopped working. I got a another one. I played with it this afternoon. A little over one hour ago, I wanted to play some more. Fired up my pc and found out that this one also stopped working, just like that.
    Take my advice, don't buy this wheel!


  5. But you seem to have done more than plug it in to a spare USB hub? Is that so?
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  6. Just a bit :D
  7. To clearify a bit. The steering wheel column is an old BRD gameport steering wheel. It's non functional and not plugged into the pc. It's only used to hard mount the SRW S1 steering wheel on with only one 4mm screw. And no, if someone should ask, the screw is not screwed in too far so that is not the problem.

    If/when this wheels works, it's working better than the G27. It's very smooth because there are no mechanical parts, no FFB motor(s).
    If someone buys this wheel, you have to be able to mount it on something. Holding it up in the air feels so unnatural. And it's best to buy standalone USB pedals as well (or a Leo Bodnar box to make the G27 pedals a standalone USB pedal box).

    When you put this wheel in 360° mode and you have to turn 180° you can barely reach the throttle or brake paddle. You have to straighten out the wheel again before you can apply the throttle again. The throttle and brake pedal are very good though.

    The fact that it stopped working, again, has absolutely nothing to do with hard mounting it on the steering column. It's an electronic's problem.

    The wheel is very direct, response very well and is a very nice and very good wheel to play with. The lack of FFB is no issue but I never liked strong FFB anyway in either wheel.

    The two big issues I have with this wheel, besides that two wheels stopped working within less than a weeks play, are the throttle and brake paddles behind the wheel (unless you set the wheel to max 200°) and that it is only 360°. 360° is more than enough if you play race games or sims but when I started playing Dirt 3 (rally games in general), it is too sensitive when set at a lower steering lock. When you set it to 360°, it's not sensitive enough when playing dirt 3. This wheel is very difficult to set up in NFS shift (1), Grid and Dirt 2 and 3. It is very good with Race On, 1nsane, flatout Ultimate carnage, Netkar Pro, rFactor.

    It's a good wheel when it's working.
  8. I have a Simraceway S1 wheel for sale as I won it in a competition and already have a Logitech G27 and another S1 wheel.
    Its completely new in original case, not opened at all.
    You can give an offer here or send me a pm.