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Steam Wallet funds to game

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Scott Webber, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Im really peed of right now as i have tried again and again to get my steam wallet funds to buy vRP .... the first time it worked nicely, now even tho my steam wallet stands at £4.79 i cannot get it to buy 500vRP.... really stupid or im being stupid :(

    any help or solutions?
  2. I purchased some vRP last night and received an email address verification message today, maybe there is some issue like that with your account?
  3. Nope, i received the email straight after, i paid for 2x 500 vRP separately, so only 500vRP shows up, and the other £4.79 which would have funded the second 500vRP is added as a "Steam Wallet" fund, go figure? nwo my problem is i cannot transfer my fund to purchase for vRP, instead ingame it's offering me to pay for new vRP , which is stupid, no other option to use your Steam Wallet funds.
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  4. That is odd, you may want to contact Steam Customer Support on that one.
  5. I'll report this to SimBin (bug) also Scott, so they can give steam a kicking ;)
  6. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon
    SimBin Studios

    Hello Scott !

    The process of using the Steam wallet to purchase vRP's goes like this :

    - If your Steam wallet is empty :
    -- You will see a Steam message asking you to confirm the addition of money to your wallet
    -- Then another Steam message will ask you to confirm the transaction from wallet to vRP's.

    - If your Steam wallet contains more money than needed:
    -- A steam message will offer you to immediately convert wallet into vRP's

    - If your Steam wallet contains less money than needed:
    -- A steam message will offer you to fill in the remaining amount to your wallet
    -- Then another confirmation will appear to ask and confirm the transaction from wallet to vRP's.

    Sometimes, if you cancelled after the first step, you do end up with money in your Steam wallet, and the transaction to vRP's is, well, cancelled. And you are left with money in your wallet and no vRP's. I did that by mistake a few times myself :)

    But then you can resume the process by clicking to purchase the pack of vRP's you'd like. If that fails for you, then I would like to investigate this a bit more with you, maybe in private if you want. Feel free to contact me directly at jean-francois.chardon@simbin.com and I will help you the best I can.
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  7. Ok thank you J-F Chardon , i will try & do what you suggest, the 6 steps above with confirmation messages, i never received any of them at all.

    I'll try to purchase the vRP again and will report back what happens, thank you for getting in touch & posting here.
  8. How do i confirm the transaction from wallet to vRP?
  9. I received two emails, confirmation for both the Wallet and the vRP.
  10. I received only one email from STEAM "You have successfully added funds to your Steam Wallet" :(
  11. Depending on how you're doing it, after adding funds to your Steam Wallet, it should say on the screen that you need to Authorize the payment in the game.
  12. That's correct, I did have that "Authorize vRP purchase" box on screen as well. That is the second part of the process - hence the second email confirmation.