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Steam update problem

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Anthony Ishak, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. After the resent steam update i got a strange problem, every time i minimized the game to chat with someone on stem , the game crashes and stops working , and the only way to restart the game again is by going to task manager and highlight the game there and click on end task... i never had this problem before !!
    Any one is having the same problem? any idea how to fix it?

  2. I have exacly the same problem and this happen when I am going to watch Real Time Telemetry
  3. Yeah I had the same problem and my PC keeps booting me to desktop every 30mins so I reinstalled everything n now the game wont frigging start. Not what I needed just before the race.
  4. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    I updated earlier and havent yet noticed any problems but will have a look now, typical just what we need on race day
  5. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    Hmm seems ok on my pc so far, I can alt-tab ok and use steam chat and get back to the game ok.
  6. When did that update happen? I just woke up??
  7. +1,I also game closes!
  8. same here... i get a mini dump everytime i minimise
  9. It was doing it for me on the Practice race on Thursday.

    Great, the Steam servers are too busy now.
  10. yep, after last steam update alt+tab does not work or more preciselly you can go to desktop but cant go back to game, however shift+tab for steam chat works
  11. Same Problem, ALT+TAB and ................. no more game
  12. Are you guys talking about a "Steam update" or a "Race update"?

    My Steam updated yesterday but I'm not having any problems. My Race has not updated.
  13. Race updated last Wednesday or Thursday, that's the update we're talking about
  14. I alt-tab all the time without any issues?? :(
  15. The last update to Race (version was on Jan 19 - over 2 weeks ago.

    That one?
  16. no, steam client update is the problem
  17. I am having the same problem, started a couple of days ago.
    Everytime I ALT/TAB back to desktop to do anything else, the PC freezes up and the only way to get it going again is to go into Task Manager and close Race 07.
    Two other Aussie guys that I was racing with had identical problems as well.
    I can use Shift Tab to chat via Steam ok, but ALT/TAB is a no no.

    I can't say exactly when it started, since I haven't been using ALT TAB very much and only noticed it very recently. Previously, it was never a problem.
  18. Steam probaly messed up again while they was fixing the shift +tab for some games oh well its steam right?? o.O btw have that too since yesterdays steam update
  19. A little update on my experience of this problem.

    I wanted to test if running the game in Windowed mode solved it. If I try to run the Race On Config screen by opening it via Steam, it wont run, just a message to advise Microsoft etc. However, if I go back into the Config.exe file manually within Windows, I can run it ok. Looks like a Steam issue to me.

    BTW, running Race On in Windowed mode works ok, no problems opening and closing the Race On window.

    Don't know if others are experiencing the same thing, can someone check if they can run the Config option via Steam??
  20. Latest update:

    The problem is caused by XD (Motec info).

    Looking closer at the windows error message info, it says the problem is with D3D9.dll (the XD addon file).

    Removing this file (ie. removing XD) solves all the problems.