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Steam Summer Sale - R3e content 50% off!

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sean Kenney, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. FYI - Solid deals on content at steam, for those that want to get content cheap.

    RaceRoom - DTM Experience 2013
    RaceRoom - DTM Experience 2014
    RaceRoom - ADAC GT Masters Experience 2014
    RaceRoom - DTM 1992 Car Pack


    EDIT: Can I post this here...not sure I am breaking TOS....delete if so. Just trying to make people aware.
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  2. Im wondering if we will see these dlc in the daily deals or flash sales.
  3. jimortality


    I've got those, I want to see WTCC 14 and Group 5 on offer as well.
  4. I am wondering if the DLC's will go in the flash sale or daily deal too. Do the prices at 50% off represent a good buy? If you buy both games in the Raceroom store they come to £27.02...
  5. PaulH


    Haha, thats the fun of Steam sales, they like a mini stockmarket they might go 66% off, maybe 75%, but they may also rise with just 33%, 25% or 10% off..........pressure is on....:sneaky:;)
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  6. This is my problem with the pricing model because new users have the potential to feel ripped off. the problem with buying this dlc from steam is you don't get discounts for tracks that are in both packs. eg. I already own dtm '13 and buying adac '14 would cost me just £7 full price in the ingame store because I don't get charged for the tracks I already own.

    So if you don't own any packs or tracks yet, then go ahead and buy 1 pack form steam, but then buy the second pack from ingame store to get your discount. Confused yet? Yeh, me too, R3E really needs to sort this problem out to stop people feeling ripped off.
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  7. Thanks that is good advice. It works out cheapest to buy DTM 2014 off Steam at the sale price of £9.99 but then buy ADAC Masters 2014 from the ingame store, which reduces the price of the duplicated content in both packs.
  8. Actually scratch that - i apparently i forgot to account for the Vrp bulk discount i would have got from buying both in the ingame store, its cheaper to buy the two games via Steam with 50% off at the moment lol.

    The pricing model is pretty confusing so its a good job the game is great to play!
  9. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    I've never been able to get the controls to feel right with this game. Installed and deleted twice.

    But I still bought DTM 2013 for $8... Dang you STEAM! :redface:
  10. xnorb


    Was same for me, but hopped into a WTCC race was like "Woah, didn't know you can get that feeling in this game!" The free car/track combo was simply not for me...
  11. So, I'm thinking I'll buy the DTM 1992 cars, as I've tested them in game, and they are great.

    If I'm only going to buy one "experience" from Steam, which should it be? DTM 2013 or 2014? Or the ADAC (I don't think I like those cars as much...except for maybe the MacLaren).

    If I buy the DTM 2013, will I miss out on new features that came with the newer packs? Like pit stops, or the wrecking system, or tire wear?
  12. If you want to buy through Steam I suggest you go for ADAC masters 2014 Experience. This way you will get 8 tracks that you can use with other content at will. If you buy DTM 2014 Experience you can't use the tracks included in it outside this experience (it's the case only with DTM 2014 because of some kind of licensing bullshit - you have to treat it like it was just different game separate from raceroom, because you cannot share the cars and tracks between). This, and also there are not too many players in multiplayer (servers with DTM 2014 aren't visible in RaceRoom lobby), it's much better in ADAC.

    If you ask me about the fun factor - DTM 1992 and Group 5 are the way to go, best cars ingame and best races online, but it's currently not on Steam sale.
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  13. xnorb


    DTM 1992 is at -50% sale on Steam at the moment for what i can see :)
  14. I like the DTM cars better than the ADAC cars. If I get the DTM 2013 experience on Steam, can I use all the tracks with all cars in the regular game? Will I miss out on features in the regular game (improvements) I'd get with ADAC 2014?

    How this all works is not clear.

    I'm definitely getting the DTM 1992 DLC. But that appears to be just the cars, no tracks.
  15. Hmmm, I thought you could use the DTM 2014 tracks outside of the experience?
  16. 4 8 15 16 23 42 108

    4 8 15 16 23 42 108
    Only the 5th-most famous race driver from Kerpen Premium

    As I remember this is valid for 2013 cars abd tracks. The 2014 experience (still) is locked out due to licensing matters.
  17. But there are no features added to the regular game, no updates or physics improvements, only available by buying the ADAC 2014 or DTM 2014? I read something somewhere that the ADAC package added something.
  18. 4 8 15 16 23 42 108

    4 8 15 16 23 42 108
    Only the 5th-most famous race driver from Kerpen Premium

    Afaik GT Masters 14 DTM 13and DTM 14 have in common that they add cars and tracks to the game and bring their own environment screen. Like in Race 07, where Race On and GTR Evolution looked different to the base game but had the same buttons and layout.
    I heard DTM 13 has not yet been upgraded in terms of physics. Which would be weird, as in real life 13 and 14 nearly are the same cars, so you could maybe copy the new physics? At least I feel a difference when comparing them...but could well be imagination.
    But it's not true the 14 experiences' are the only cars with newer physics. S3 are improving a lot of all the cars in the game.

    Another heads up: While you will see RRE, DTM 13 and GT Masters 14 online servers all within RRE, you will not see the others in the other environments.
  19. You can use the DTM 14 Tracks outside the experience with other cars (run DTM 92 cars on them or any other cars). You just cannot as of yet use the DTM14 cars in anything other than the DTM 14 Experience (no running them at Monza, Macau or any tracks that are not a part of the 2014 schedule). Hope that helps
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  20. Thanks. Indeed it does. Thanks to numbers (previous post) as well. And from reading around, it appears the DTM 2013 cars haven't had updated physics. So, perhaps it makes the most sense to get the DTM 1992 and 2014 on sale on Steam, and add individual cars and other tracks in game (like the American track package) or the GT2. That way I add a lot of tracks to the game, and can drive other cars on them, and have the latest DTM "experience."