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Steam only Release for AC

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Michael Hornbuckle, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Steam only isn't an issue for me but it doesn't seem that long since they said it wouldn't be steam only - that is more concerning.
  2. No they never said that (at least I don't know a source for that), it was something we assumed in the other thread because surely they must have planned something in case it wouldn't have been greenlit.

    But in the end, Steam only release is a no brainer for them. They are such a small team with a huge amount of work (look how far they come, I just say "Ferrari license" but the list could go on and on) and not worrying about distribution saves them a lot of work and probably money with servers, work hours etc...
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  3. Inb4 butthurts :D
  4. So sorry for them.....we're really gonna miss those 5 random dudes in MP.
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  5. wheres the problem with that?
    there can still be a retail version.

    there is no reason for a PC-exclusive game to make a non-steam version in addition to a steam version. the only exception would be to sell the game on another steam-like platform. making an additional PC version with no platform behind would have no meaning at all.

    I absolutely dont see a single problem here.
  6. Thank god it's not Origin only because then I would be butthurt! lol
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  7. I bet most guys who flame about Steam will get it anyways :ninja:
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  8. Oh dear.. this thread is about to explode any second now!

    Grabs his bucket of popcorn*
  9. Stelios


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  10. What kind of dude are you?

    Sad news, really. Still hope that's not really true. :(
  11. Mapu


    acting like this won't get you many friends in the long run

    you're not even a licensed member ... i guess you know what that means ... not gonna miss you lol

    topic title is miss leading because there are currently no other plans
  12. Aristotelis reads these threads so instead of memes and such how about those that feel this is bad news give logical, rational reasons why you will pass on AC rather than buy from Steam.

  13. Tom and Bram also pay attention to these threads, it is rather obvious that instead of trying to help people with logical, rational and polite debate, you (and the usual loud types that rejoice with AC being Steam only) have done little to promote that. On the contrary. Btw, your tweet is as sad as the title of this thread and reactions of those that in the other thread did nothing but insult people.

    As far as reasons:

    several people have given you more than a dozen reasons why Steam is not what some want. Not our fault that you don't make an effort to actually read posts by others that think differently than you.
  14. It will surely be tempting as hell, but I really don't want to spend that much on a game that depends on a platform that has given me problems in the past, without any support whatsoever. I can be patient, but I just hope we'll hear of another version eventually.
  15. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    This will go nuts really fast and wasnt expecting that answer myself but i will get it on Steam anyway because i want it.
    Also there might be other ways in the end.We didnt see an official statement yet.
    It`s really sad to see that some of us will probably won`t enjoy this SIM because of Steam....:(
  16. Personaly I dont mind getting it from Steam. And with the addition of the workshop I can only see benefits myself. Regardless I am surprised to hear its Steam exlusive. Why not sell it like you did with NetKarPro on the side? Would only reach more ppl and maximize profits.

    Wonder if Valve is forcing them to stay exlusive with some sort of agreement?
  17. Chronus, not sure where I am rejoicing about Steam only, as long as it's not Origin I don't care where I buy the game....AC looks good enough I would deal with the people at Gamestop if that was the only way.

    I'm sorry your buddy fried his hard drive and tried to sue Steam for it but so far I haven't had any problems with Steam big enough to warrant getting in touch with their horrible customer service department.

    Not real sure why my tweet was sad or why you are (or at least come across as) very angry at everything.
  18. http://www.steampowered.com/steamworks/FAQ.php
    Perhaps they just prefer not to spend too much time/money on marketing/distribution/protection.

    I'm a Steam user, was going to get it on Steam no matter what, but it's still surprising.
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  19. It is odd that it would be worth about 30% of their profits, but there are so many people who refuse to play games that are not on Steam that it must make sense to them.