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STEAM hack or Simbin bug? or what?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by daRock, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Online at Anderstorp07 with only WTCC07 cars selected. In STEAM of course.

    Grid forming time.

    I went right away. The following took place during grid formup time. I was in 6th grid position.

    A car behind me drove forward between the cars that were present on the grid and rammed the car in grid position 3. Then the car in 8th drove forward and pushed my car into the two wrecked ones. And then both drivers started joking about what they'd done.

    GTR2 allows cars on the grid to move. Race07/Evo/ROn doesn't. It doesn't even allow revving your engine, since your inputs are disabled. The two cars driving around while the grid was forming isn't possible with the code in place today in Race07/Evo/ROn. And I couldn't back my car out of the way of the start because my controls would not work just as they normally don't.

    So how did that server or those two entrants get around the Simbin code or the protection STEAM supposedly provides?
  2. It's likely some lag or connection problems caused it.
  3. also, nothing to do with steam... they just provide the content... but we're not playing on vac secured servers or any of that ****e...
  4. +1

    Race servers are not VAC secured so it's nothing to do with "hacking" Steam.
  5. There is an option in Dedicated Server to prevent false starts. Not sure if this only works after the count down or during the grid formation but maybe its relevant?
  6. if you have false start unchecked you can drive your car while the grid is forming its not a Steam or SimBin prob
    its just the config the server is running
  7. The false start setting isn't it. He couldn''t move but the other two could.......
  8. It's just a game hack.

    There are probably dozens of game hacks out there because instead of reporting these hacks to SimBin, people just start forum topics about them.

    SimBin can't fix them if they are not reported.