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Skins Steam F1 1.4

Steam F1 on base Lotus

  1. maxikosg22 submitted a new resource:

    Steam F1 (version 1.0) - Steam F1 on base Lotus

    This is my first Skin!​
    I hope you like it!​
    And I hope that I make all things correct :-D​
    When you have an idea, what can be better, then please tell it me :-D​
    Sry for my english!​
    Please answer if you find it good or bad, I would like to make it better!​

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  2. Not bad ! Greetings form Magdeburg !;):thumbsup:
  3. Thanks for your Reply!

    Anything else what I can make better?
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  4. I have it changed, but I wonder me that it doesnt work :-(
  5. They are as they were before.
    If you don't mind i'll improve that.
  6. Thanks! but I would like to learn it, I make this now and hope it will better, but I wait with the upload because I will it upload when it finished, that means maybe not in the next 4h :)
  7. You will become good at it soon.
    It takes time for everything.
    Use the wireframes carefully, see where the logos go over the bound.
  8. Hi, this is what i meant with the logos.


    Check the STEAM and DOTA logos.
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  9. I know what you mean, but I dont can this, can do you give me your PSSG-File?, and how do you made this picture, that this car with the grey screen (when it isnt grey then sorry, im colorblind
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  10. The steam logo should be on the side of the car
  11. Good job chap,thank you.:thumbsup: