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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)

STCC - The Game: Bug Report Thread

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mikkow, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Refers to the DVD installed, STEAM Online version.


    1. Missing Corner Markers:
    Gothenburg City Race. (GTR Evo/STCC)

    2. Duplicate setup files:
    Some tracks/cars display saved setup files twice when in the car setup "file" menu. Applies to custom made and simbin setups. (GTR Evo/STCC)

    3. Super Pole Qualifying Bug:
    During STCC rules and super pole qualifying, If you press 'continue' after setting your time before before everyone has posted a qualifying time, the race goes on and the AI's who had not yet posted a qualifying time will count as if they set no time at all. (Example: if you do your 2-3 laps and set a (terrible) time, then move on before the others set their time, you'll be in pole position for the race). (GTR Evo/STCC)

    4. Wrong Car Info:
    The STCC BMW E90 cars which are sequential have the wrong weight and type of transmission listed.

    5. Volvo S60 collision box problem
    Player car will first pass through a section of the (AI controlled) Volvo S60, then leading to a powerful sudden collision. (GTR Evo/STCC)

    6. AI running out of fuel when using forced pit stop
    Some AI cars run out of fuel around halfway the race and retire. Occurs with various types of cars. (GTR Evo/STCC. LAN game. 2 humans. 18-24 AI. 12 laps. 93% AI strength. Forced pit stop).

    7. Other players unable to post super pole times in LAN
    The non-host will drive his laps and on his side see the times posted, yet see himself dead last always despite having better qualifying times than others. On the host computer, he shows up as always having done "0" laps and setting no time. Sector 1 and 2 times are registered only. (Settings: GTR Evo executable with STCC also installed for both players. LAN game. 2 humans. 18-24 AI.)

    8. Implausible Ambient Track Temperatures
    For example: Mantorp park showing 36C Ambient right after a rain shower and damp track. (Settings: GTR Evo executable with STCC also installed).

    9. Exterior view Camaro Driver hands not aligned with steering wheel.

    10. Yellow Flag not enforced
    Overtaking during yellow flag seems to have no effect, and AI drivers will overtake the player as well. (Bug/missing implementation?).
    (All versions)

    11. AI cars teleporting away in plain sight
    This happens usually after they have had a spin/crash. (unavoidable behaviour? Ideal would be that they do it when no one is watching). (GTR Evo / STCC)

    12. Pit lane speed limiter not engaged upon starting in pits.
    Despite the automatic disabling when leaving the pits, it's always turned off. (Oversight? Intended?). (All versions)

    13. Missing SimBin Car Setups
    The GTR Evolution cars for the STCC tracks.

    14. Missing & Duplicate AI drivers
    At default 24 AI car grid in any mode in STCC class. (STCC/GTR Evo)

    15. AI drivers use player car & driver
    The player chosen driver (and his/her car) will also be used by the AI in multi-player (possibly single-player too), causing duplicates to drive around. This causes significant problems in recognizing other humans on the track, and makes adding yourself as a custom selectable driver with livery a foolish idea as it will spawn AI versions of 'you' and your fellow racer on the same track as the real people.
    - Proper behavior would be to lock the car & driver chosen by a player so that an AI may not spawn as it. This one really bothers me, as it's a function me and my dad would derive a lot of fun from (having our own racing team vs the AI, our own liveries, etc. (GTR Evo / STCC)

    16. 100% Car Damage Level issues
    No one (AI & Humans) ever retire due to car damage, no matter how many crazy crashes. The cars (STCC & GTR Evo, possibly all) can escape unharmed from some very extreme punishment at the 100% setting, especially when collisions are diagonal/at an angle against sidewalls. One can go around crashing at crazy speeds at the city tracks in particular without much consequence. 100% setting feels what one would expect from about 25%. (oversight? Intended? Engine limitations? Ramping up the damage multipliers would add some much needed fear & realism). (All versions)

    17. Menu 3D car render issue with 16:10
    When using 16:10 aspect ratio monitors and resolutions, the menu 'car' models showing the selected car/driver are stretched horizontally. (GTR Evo/STCC)

    18. Wrong team voice when finishing
    When finishing 8th and scoring one point in an STCC race, the voice said "Race is over, you haven't scored any points". (GTR Evo)

    19. Wrong default gear setting on rolling starts
    When player control is granted, an automatic upshift is performed regardless of being appropriate, often forcing the player to quickly downshift again to avoid being in very low revs. Affects rolling starts and time attack. (STCC/GTR Evo)
  2. If my memory doesn't cheat me, EasyCleaner had also a function to remove duplicate files! It's a very useful program, so it's worth trying it anyways, even if it doesn't have that function!
  3. This is the full offline version and some of these may be seem as observations rather than bugs:

    1. Not so much of a bug, but the Volvo C30s always qualify in the second half of the grid without fail. I have changed their talent files info but it has made no difference. Also in a race, Flash seems to like driving around at the back as if he is out for a Sunday afternoon sight seeing tour (again fiddled with the talent file but nothing as of yet).

    2. When I overtaken or lapped cars at Falkenberg and Valer, I have been shown the blue flag and warned to let cars through so they can lap me?!?

    3. When the cars go in for a pit stop - quite often they start reversing out of the pit box before going forward which adds a few seconds to thier pit stop times.

    4. When you combine the STCC and WTCC cars for a race to the STCC rules and do say a 30 lap race of Knutstorp, some of the WTCC cars (always BMWs) stop twice as their tyres have worn out where as the STCC cars seem to be able to make it fine, so I don't know if the WTCC tyres just wear out faster?

    5. Qualifying - if I set superpole running, I only get super pole - I can't have a genaral 20 minute session before that to put the top 8 through to superpole. Qualifying seems more random in general - I've had Priaulx and some of the other front running BMWs qualify down in the 20s, and cars like Okyay and Biter who run at the back qualifying in the top 5. I've had Giovarandi qualify 35th at Mantorp in the Vauxhall as well.

    6. I went to do a pit stop at Sturup, went in too fast and hit the tyres on the right at the start of the pit lane, but the autopit took over from me, so I was wedged in the corner as I couldn't reverse, and the autopit kept on going forward as if it was trying to drive through the tyre stack.

    7. After finishing a race at Gothenburg, the car failed to break for the first corner and went straight on into the barriers and tyres at full speed, and then continued to try and go through the barriers with the car in second gear and revving at full throttle.

    8. I've now had 2 cars turn over whilst going through the last corner on Knutstorp (the really banked corner that puts you onto the start/finish straight) and 3 or 4 cars up on 2 wheels in front or just behind me which I were expecting to go over - I know the nature of the track means that you get the cars up on 2 wheels etc but they seemed to be doing it on that corner too easily considering I have only done 3 races there.
  4. I think they released it too early, and that's the main reason why they're waiting with the Steam version release! First they'll fix these problems, then we can have it on Steam. The same was with GTR Evo, I think, as I didn't experience most of the bugs listed there in the GTR Evo bug section. (and had it just 1 day after the release)
  5. Added a whole bunch of new things found to the opening post. Keep it coming guys! The only way to improve it is to find what's wrong. :)
  6. There doesn't seem to be a BMW template - this is what happens when I try to use a WTCC skin and windows as an STCC skin:

  7. Volvo, Peugeot, Audi, BMS are all underpowered.

    Although they hold up ok on Knutstorp or Sturup - its evident on Mantorp that they are undepowered. If you take them to Macau they are all about 2.5 seconds at least off the BMWs and at Fuji the Volvo was a sitting duck on the straights, got passed every lap by a Honda, BMW etc.
  8. driver animation gear changing in the Volvo C30 not correct (doesnt even touch the gear by the looks of it). At resolution of 1920X1200, havent tried lower resolutions.
  9. The server filter does not eliminate passworded servers until you visit the filter section for a second time.