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STCC Crowns its 2009 champion but who is it?

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Rob Shillito, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Take a look inside this thread to see just who was today crowned STCC 2009 Champion.

    Was it the Volvo driver Tommy Rustad or was it BMW driver Thed Bjork? Were there any accidents and did it cost either the title?

    Click the title of the thread to read what went on and just who took that trophy today.

    Volvo took a clean sweep of the Swedish Touring Car Championship finale. Tommy Rustad took the title, Robert Dahlgren won the race and Polestar Racing secured the team championship title.
    "I am very proud to win the biggest championship in Scandinavia as a Norwegian," said Rustad.

    Rustad ended on the same points as Thed Björk. The rules say that when drivers end up on the same points, the final race of the year decides it.
    "It came to what we feared ahead of the race, the crash with Dahlgren at Knutstorp decided the title for my part," said Björk.

    Björk disappeared in the first corner after a crash with Richard Göransson. In fact, all four BMW drivers of Flash Engineering and WestCoast Racing ended up in the gravel trap in the first corner of the first lap.

    Björk and Göransson came together at the exit of the first corner, resulting in Göransson spinning on to the grass, coming back on to the track and hitting Björk. Both cars ended in the gravel with terminal damage to the cars.

    Instead Robert Dahlgren, Mattias Andersson, Pontus Mörth and Tomas Engström took over the show. Dahlgren charged quickly up in to the lead and was untouchable. The Volvo drivers finished two seconds clear of Andersson.

    Engström, who held pole position, fell down to third ahead of Mörth.

    Rustad had a scary moment mid way in to the race as he was over taken by Roger Eriksson. The Volvo driver fell down to sixth at that point which meant that he would be second in the championship.

    But Rustad was able to fight back and finished fifth, just enough for the title.

    Robin Rudholm was able to return after the first corner incident to finish sixth ahead of Eriksson.

    Fredrik Ekblom, Patrik Olsson and Johan Kristoffersson rounded off top ten.

    01 Robert Dahlgren 14 laps
    02 Mattias Andersson +2.301
    03 Tomas Engström +3.329
    04 Pontus Mörth +3.424
    05 Tommy Rustad +4.103
    06 Robin Rudholm +5.103
    07 Roger Eriksson +5.664
    08 Fredrik Ekblom +5.872
    09 Patrik Olsson +6.191
    10 Johan Kristoffersson +8.704

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  2. Bjork deserved that title, Dahlgren's awful maneuvre at Knutstorp came back to haunt him.
  3. that was Dahlgren not Rustad, and on the deciding day it was the Volvo driver that drove the best especially as his and Bjorks cars were the 2 heaviest.
  4. Once again, you're talking rubbish Rob. Dahlgren is Rustad's team mate and hates Flash Engineering, and the maneuvre was blatant, denying Bjork 10 points. The championship is decided over the entire season not just one day.

    Rustad was 46 kilos lighter than Bjork this weekend also, so once you're talking about something you know nothing about. What a surprise.

    Another top quality contribution from Rob.
  5. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Its just his opinion Ryan chill out, im sure many people agree with Rob and many agree with you. To be honest you havent made many great contributions either.
  6. If you say so Ross. He just stated a complete falsehood but if you want to defend him for that then go ahead. Doesn't affect me.
  7. So he wasnt as heavy as Bjork, i never said he was but they're the two drivers who (from the article i read) topped the weight list which is what i said, i never said he was the heaviest car or heavier than Bjork.
  8. You didn't say they were the two heaviest? Oh really?

    Weight list:

    1215 kg Thed Björk BMW 320si
    1215 kg Richard Göransson BMW 320si
    1200 kg Patrik Olsson Volkswagen Scirocco
    1190 kg Jan Nilsson BMW 320si
    1190 kg Tobias Tegelby BMW 320si
    1180 kg Robin Rudholm BMW 320si
    1175 kg Johan Stureson Peugeot 308
    1170 kg Tomas Engström Honda Accord
    1170 kg Fredrik Ekblom Volkswagen Scirocco
    1169 kg Tommy Rustad Volvo C30
    1160 kg Roger Eriksson SEAT Léon
    1160 kg Viktor Hallrup BMW 320i E46
    1160 kg Dick Sahlén BMW 320i E46
    1160 kg Mikael Ohlsson BMW 320i E46
    1150 kg Mattias Andersson Alfa Romeo 156
    1150 kg Pontus Mörth Chevrolet Lacetti
    1150 kg Claes Hoffsten Alfa Romeo 156
    1150 kg Tony Johansson Mercedes C-Class
    1145 kg Viktor Huggare Opel Astra
    1145 kg Johan Kristoffersson Audi A4
    1145 kg Andreas Simonsen Audi A4
    1144 kg Robert Dahlgren Volvo C30
    1135 kg Ronnie Brandt Volvo S60
  9. Read my last post again, i said that i did say they were the 2 heaviest but i didnt say that either were heavier than each other.
  10. Either way, you're completely wrong.

    Bjork and Goransson heaviest and oh, look, Rustad is 10th heaviest.
  11. well the article that i read at the end of last week said that it was Bjork and Rustad and has since been corrected.
  12. Here's some highlights from the final 2 races of the 2009 season

  13. Guys when it comes to this final race it´s that the Westcoast Racing the maker of Björk as the loser and Richard Göransson was the maker of it all.But Björk started it by tapping Göransson of the the track in the first corner , so he was the maker of his own disaster. The best part is that is was a part Swedish carmaker won it :) allthoug Ford is still the owner :):) .
  14. Nice photo! Who took it?? I was at the inside of turn one and as always I followed the wrong guys. I followed Janne Nilsson as he went off (of course the pics didn't turn out good either) and I totally missed this title deciding incident. I didn't even hear it. But I got a couple of decent, not perfecta as I was so far away, aftermath pics :)

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  15. Congrats Tommy Rustad!
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