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STCC cars discussion

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jarrod Keen, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Hey guys. I'm getting ready to buy the expansion pack Stcc and wanted to get a heads up on the new cars in the STCC class and their pros and cons. I know the WTCC class pretty well and drive the Seat pretty competitively.... Do these 2 classes race against each other?

    What are the new cars that come with stcc? I know the Audi A4 is in there. Is it a good competitor?

    If this has been discussed at length before, please provide a link. I did use the search feature and didn't find a discussion on the STCC cars. Thanks.
  2. - Audi A4 - Has a tendency to oversteer
    - BMW 320si e90 Seqential (6-Speed) - An E90 with 6 Gears..
    - BMS Incognito - Fake C200, RWD in less turn-in understeer personally than the BMW
    - Peugeot 308 - Not driven it too much so can't comment
    - Volvo C30 - The n00bmobile, the Leon of the STCC
    - Volvo S60 - The Tank!

    Oh and they're all balanced so you can race them with the WTCC cars as they're all S2000 Spec.
  3. so the allwheel drive audi A4 oversteers? That stinks. Is the A4 competitive or does it's oversteer make it a mid/back of the pack runner?
  4. I don't know much about the Audi, but you also get the BMS in STCC, and that one is not competitive with the top cars.
  5. Maurice Hurkmans

    Maurice Hurkmans
    RD Travel Expert

    Not only the cars are a reason to buy STCC, but especially the STCC tracks make it a lot of fun :)
  6. It's Front Wheel Drive, S2000 bans 4WD apart from Rallying. All the cars are balanced to make some cars be as quick you may need to put more effort in or different cars will suit different driving styles.

    Someone just needs to put the effort in and it wouldn't be too far off, but it is slightly weak.
  7. nvm

    Simon teached me to read a thread till end o.O :)
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I think it was James and Oliver who were on the server once in an Audi doing great laptimes same as the other S2000 spec cars.

    I slightly oversteers indeed but with some additional camber on the rear you can go a long way with it. Great engine sound and the overal handling feels great tbh. Remembers me a little about the Alfa 156 in the first RACE game.

    Hardest challenge, the beemer E46 on microtracks like Gothenborg :D
  9. Basically what everyone above me said. The Peugeot 308 is kinda similar in behaviour to the C30, but the steering is lighter and it has more of a tendency towards oversteer. If you guys really want to know, I despise the S60. When the tyres get worn, it turns into a tail-happy, slip'n'sliding death trap...

    All the bonus cars included in STCC are interesting and have ther own little quirks. If it was up to some people, they'd get it just for the tracks, which are worth the small purchase price by themselves. If you are planning on getting Race On Jarrod, STCC comes with it free, just so you know... :D
  10. And don't forget you also get the Camaro!
  11. In my opinion these are the best part of the expansion:wink2:. Love sliding out of hairpins in these things:wink2:.
  12. I don't know what Race On is. Enlighten me.
  13. While it is a tank, its a very quick one :glasses-cool:
  14. What Peter (formerly Patrick :D) posted. Race On is the upcoming expansion planned for Q3.
  15. Yes, and a very well balanced one ;)
  16. Drove the A4 for the first time last night (just got the game) as well as the Volvo and the Audi was just as fast for me and pretty stable. It handled just like I like so fortunately for me, the car that I wanted to drive seems to suit me. At least this particular setup suits me (thanks to Keith).
  17. Ive had alot of success with the A4. It does sometimes have a hard time with extremely narrows twisty circuits due to its wheel base compared to the smaller cars like the C30, Leon, or even the Pug.

    Glad you liked it Jarrod, and im happy u've found your racing bug again :)
  18. Why are you all picking on the poor Volvo S60? :poke:
    I've driven it a fair bit and found it ok, even won a couple of races in it. If I can get results with it, anyone can.

    I try lots of cars and would recommend to others to do the same, especially in Racing Club Events. It adds more interest instead of driving the same car week after week. It teaches you to adapt to the handling differences between them. From my experience, all of the cars are pretty competitive, it depends on the driver, and some setup adjustments to suit your driving style.

    C'mon you guys who never change cars, take a risk occasionally, they are only fun races after all, and you might just get more variety and fun out of it. :)
  19. I agree with this for sure Warren. Ive been making it a point to change cars every event.

    It is fun and challenging.

    Ive actually won a few races with the S60, very consistent. Not quite as nimble but you gotta work with it and you can get the same results.