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STCC- BMS motorsports

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Philip Grimm, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. The mercedes looking car in the stcc expansion is well, AWFUL. I was excited to see another RWD car in that class. I take it out and the car doesnt want to turn it just plows through corners, it gets awful oversteer when on the brakes and whatnot. It doesnt seem like they finished the car before they released it..

    I know I could set it up but on the default set up it shouldn't be disgraceful...

    And why do none of the STCC bmw's have a setup for the STCC tracks?
  2. Control this car is hard to BMW,
  3. Not a surprise for me, it's also worse in real life.

    I raced that car at the A1 ring event on thursday and I had no chance, almost everyone was faster than me. OK I'm not good in RWD cars but I was better even in the E46.
  4. I was running the BMS in a an AUS/US event and was the quickest, I ended up with a power supply failure, which killed me. But the car has potential, u just gotta work with it.

    Ill run it in the next US/AUS event, and see how I can make out.

  5. Funny... the Mercedes was my first contact with STCC, did many races with it and found it easier to drive then the BMW.

    Now, if it is "fast" or "slow"...
    I did a few public on-line races (non club) with it, run consistent top 3, top 5... Did notice that no one else "simraced" it.

    Maybe it is "slower" but putting it against a nimble FWD C30 in tight and rollercoaster constant turning racetracks isn't likely a fair test to the car.
  6. I ran the e46 bmw STCC tonight in the race and had a great time.. Maybe I'll have to check out that mod... I found it quite lame with the stock setups.... i cannot tune to perfection just yet!
  7. The BMS should actually be a good car, it won the Semcon (independants) cup in 2008 in the real STCC.

    The default setup is terrible, look at the front toe for example which default is at 0.0.