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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by FinlandWRC, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, I've always been a big fan of the early days of the S2000 regulations however there are very few mods for Race 07 from this era so I decided to make this. Thanks to AndreasFSC I'll be able to include all 18 cars that took part! However this is my first ever mod and these will also be my first ever skins so apologies that they won't be very good.

    Below is a shot of the #6 Crawford BMW (I've fixed the windows so they are now clear)

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  2. Great to see new people still getting involved mods for Race 07. Will be good to see how this turns out!
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  3. First Audi now in game!

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  4. Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates recently but my rom is being redecorated and I'm going on holiday on Saturday so I can't do much atm but it should be released by the 22nd of august.
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  5. Looking very nice. Also great to see that people like you still want to contribute to RACE because I feel its been overlooked for a while now. Would you consider some of the earlier ETCC seasons for a future project? All the cars needed are in the sim already (Civic from Andreas's mod). I'd love to drive a season with the Nordauto GTAs :)
  6. Thanks and yes I'd love to do some ETCC cars. After the STCC 2003 I'll definitely do an ETCC season, probably 2004.
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  7. there are some ETCC cars from 2004 at nogrip made by Tmsr some time ago, not a full grid though.
  8. Thanks for doing this. More STCC is always good !!
  9. 2003 is the last year of the prefacelift 156 :) Plus the Volvo S60 was still somewhat competitive then.
  10. Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been having braces put on but the two Volvos are now in game! upload_2015-8-30_19-39-31.png
    Sorry about the windows but I'm not very good at making them so I've left them as standard for now but I will add proper windows soon.
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  11. Technically it should be an Opel not a Vauxhall but Rustads car is now in game.
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  12. nice
  13. keep going