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STC test sever

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Mike Simian, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys

    Would just like to let you all know we have opened a small STC test server with the GT Pros - GT Power and STC tracks.

    Everyone is welcome to join anytime, please only share this information with team mates no randoms :D

    The server name is -www.flatoutclub.com
    The password is the same as the official STC server.
  2. Thank you Mike and Flatout for hosting a test server.
  3. nice one. david thinks about letting the slow teams having the first pick with the cars, each car may be picked by two teams like in gt1 championship, so you flatout guys will probably end up with sth nobody else wants, while blue flag for once profits from its lack of talent :)
  4. Yeah Eckhart is right. But, we will do some announcements this weekend.
  5. It's not really fair now is it to force a bad car to a team that's done well. I don't want to start any arguments or debates but that's just my personal feeling. Having a single make car has been the best 2 seasons ever in this league in my opinion. One thing that could be interesting would be for STC to specify a certain car to be used on a certain track. That way we'd use all the cars and everybody would still be on an equal playing field. Anyway those are just my 2 cents.
  6. That was used in ATCC S3 and it was a very successful idea.
  7. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I like it, it gives guys like us a challenge now- I remember RPM were in the Marcos and at the start we hated the challenge of it but by the end of the season we loved it.. I'm all for giving the guys at the lower end of the table preference in car choice - even if it is a disadvantage to the likes of RPM and Flatout.. If you were in a lower team Mikko, you would not complain at all :wink:
  8. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Few people is in an equal field with you as you are alien born :)

    I understand your point, but it's a way to balance competition, as teams with similar level will get similar cars, slower teams have a slight advantage, but minimal considering the cars are all made by SIMBIN so we know they will be pretty balanced. It also grants variety so we don't see a Vette season again :)

    Considering the possible choices, you will end up with a beauty anyway :)
  9. Can you tell us if the car pack will be GT Pro + Pagani Zonda and Ford GT?
    And also if we are using the in-game tires or the modded ones we had last season for the Dorans?
    The cars would be useful to know as we really need to go through them all very carefully so we get one we can use.
  10. personaly think the default tyres should be used as a base tyre if we go down the route of a tyre mod.

    I don't mind the car choices, all the pro cars are good. Its a nice way to say goodbye to EVO anyway.
  11. PLS PLS PLS PLS No mod. Keep it default contents. Still have nightmares when we used modded cars that where based on in-Game cars.
    We had 2 great seasons with no mini-dumps lets keep it that way.
    Using a mod with everyone same cars, like we had then no problem. But if are going to mod multiple cars then we might end up with some teams having problems and others not. PLS DON'T, PLS PLS PLS :).
  12. And I was expecting the famous Flatout Club VW Scirroco. That car was one big pain for the poeple behind the mod.
  13. No MOD will be used guys, no worries. We proved the Race series are not suited to experiments and we want to say good bye on a safe and beautifull way using default conetnt and an impresive calendar.
  14. and to come back to Mikko: we used the fast team slow car system before and guess who was usually in the top5? the three teams with the "slowest" car. just gets the field closer together a little, don't you worry.
  15. Yeah it was certainly interesting going flat out on the straights of Le Mans and then see other cars storm past you like you were running on 4 cylinders. This is only one of the great moments I had in that season Eckhart. I only said that it's not fair to penalize success even if it's to "even" the competition. If I were driving a superior car I wouldn't really enjoy beating a driver in an inferior car. I always want everybody to be on an equal playing field and if I am able to succeed then, that's what I enjoy the most.... of course beating a superior car will still be even better, but that is not my point. Anywhoo I know it's not up for debate so let's just wait and see what the admins will give us.
  16. funny, I have these moments every single season :) (just kidding) (oh how I love to quote out of context :) )
  17. Thx David, perfect big relieve.

    Slower car, fine as long as its still fun to drive. Worst that can happen to the moral of a team is heaving a car that nobody likes to drive. Then all the fun is gone.

    Tbh i am with Mikko on this, last season we saw that the field is more equal, having more teams up front giving us and rpm a good battle. Difference in speed where smaller, mostly is was better tactics.

    I hope we can continue like this and have a great battle on track and not a battle with a crap car.
  18. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    It's not like we get a car in a lower class or anything, each car in the GT Pro class can be made to be as fast as any if set-up the correct way - it may just be more challenging; and an extra challenge is always good!

    Eckhart actually was right, on an even playing field some guys can't compete with others, which can be quite unenjoyable; the closer the field the better IMO :thumb:
  19. I can't wait any longer.
  20. I think David just forgot to do the announcement.
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