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STC in 2013

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Xosé Estrada, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    During the past months, David and I had different conversations about our views on the future of the competition. Today we meet again and we shared our opinions about where STC is and where is it going, which are the following.

    STC was born with the release of GTR Evolution. During this intense period we used different MODs, tracks and custom content that keep the competition interesting and attracted top teams and drivers, specially in the first seasons. With the agign of the Race 07 engine we have constantly seen teams and drivers get less and less surprised and stimulated to race STC, even inside our own team, and tried to counteract it putting a lot of time and care into it, specially on the broadcasts, but also with features I think we invented like WAR voting for incidents.

    This worked somehow, but it's obvious for us that STC is not at the level it was, and there are two key factors for this: first one its the simulator, something that could be solved with the release of rFactor2, and another one is the Staff part.

    Until now there were 4 people participating as STC staff: Eckhart doing the comentary, Andreas doing post-race news, and David and me building and doing all the rest. Other people came and go in one week, specially the broadcast crew, that entered for one of them, and were unable to attend to the following three to never come back. This lack of collaboration and interest has been increasing the sensation of STC loosing appeal for the simracing community and for licensed teams until a point where neither David or me have energy to continue one more season.

    We decided we will not be the ones leading the STC into the rFactor 2 era, which opens 3 possibilities:

    1. A group of people, with our advice when needed, continues organising it using the resources we provide such as the website, the competition prestige (if you feel it has one), the TGH server if needed and this forum.
    2. We integrate STC as a RD league, so is RD staff who organizes from now on, if there is staff interested in doing it.
    3. We close the doors, like many other good leagues did when the simulators they were attached to were abandoned.
    There is time until the end of the season for people interested in option one to contact us, so I hope time is not an issue. If for the end of the season there is not a commited group of persons that want to run the STC, I will ask RD staff to do it. We ask for at least full 2012 compromise.

    Otherwise the STC Black Cup 2011 champion will be 7[SUP]th[/SUP] and last one... not many leagues can say they run seven seasons with success and a constant format.

  2. Many views and no replies yet... I think most people are a bit in shock perhaps...

    Well, then let me be the first to thank the staff of the STC for the passed few years! I would be very sad to see the STC go. It has been and still is such a prestigious championship with a great quality of drivers. I really hope the STC will continue in one way or the other.

    Many thanks to Andreas, Eckhart and especially David and Xosé for putting in all that effort to let us all have fun with our little hobby on such a high level! Must be really hard to let it go like this, but I can certainly understand.

    And who knows, maybe we will see you guys on track in the STC 2.0! :D
  3. This is a big loss for the simrace community and therefor i am a little shocked :eek:

    We (the FDR group) are huge fans of the STC series and we are always as dedicated as possible. I know for sure that the whole team is sad about this news and so am i.

    I wanna thank you all for the great experience that we have had in the last 3 seasons.

    David, a special thanks for your patience in answering all the questions and helping me with my first renders

    Eckhart, thanks for all the airtime you gave us during the broadcasts
  4. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Somebody had to brake the ice for me to realize that this is true.
    I had just a few races here,but the ones i had were extremly professional organised,makeing us feel(at least me)like i realy am there on the track.
    The community,99% its à la crème of SIM raceing from all over the Europe brought together by the same hoby,raceing,and STC was the home for many seassons were drivers give all they got to be in the top.
    A big THANK YOU! to all the staff of STC and people who helped every race and Broadcasts be possible,and make us have a great time.
    I hope this series continues and this is only a well deserved break after so mutch time.
    Thank you all.

    Queen:The show must go on

  5. Dont post on here much, HOWEVER, can i start by saying what an excellent job has been done organising/running this event this year. Furthermore i have heard nothing but good things from past years. Much pride can be taken from this. Thankyou very much guys.

    Secondly; I, my team and obviously others think this is a huge loss.

    If RD took this on it wouldn't be anywhere near as good... no offence RD... but its true. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it.

    My questions woud be:
    - Can the STC teams share the responsibility for organising, running this even?
    - ARE the STC teams up for sharing the organisations repobsibilities for this?
    - What tasks need to be considered in order to do this?
    - What would be the commitment in time (man hours etc.)?

    I'm sure there are others that want to keep this alive. Lets get talking, sort out the issues and have some good racing in STC 2012 :).

  6. I have not posted immediately because I was so surprised to leave me speechless.
    I hope there will be a rethinking on your part, but knowing your professionalism I think that when you decided to write this announcement the decision was already final.
    We hope that STC may continue in another form while maintaining the excellent setting that you were able to give the league.
    However, we thank all the staff and especially David and Xosé for the availability at any time and the excellent work already done and that will be done until the last race of the season.
  7. I was as well taken by surprise when I sow this topic, I have been following STC since 2009 Blue Cup until now and I never thought a prestiges league like STC would stop.
    I really hope there will be a selution to this because without STC life would seem emty.

    You guys have put hours and hours of hard work, had to deal with so many things and still got this far. Xose, David, Eckhart and Andreas you are my heroes and I thank you for all the time and effort you have put into STC.

    I really don't want to see STC just stop here and I hope we all can come up with a selution.
  8. I do not know what to write. I have been driving STC three seasons, but followed it even longer.
    I'm too poor in English to explain what I / we feel after reading what Xose wrote.
    I hope you understand how much we admire all the work that you put down. We write it,unfortunately not.
    STC can never be what it is now if you guys stop. I hope I'm wrong. this leage is 3000 times funnier then all other league I participated in.
    We in the Gubbklubben is always when it is race and watch the broadcast. It's highlight of the week.
    If there is anything we can do for you to change your decisions. Just tell us, we will do it immediately.

    Göran Johansson Gubbklubben
  9. I'm in shock also reading this, cause this really was Simracing as it is ment to be.
    Fair and very good drivers the whole field. Every race i was looking forward to it, training
    with the teammates, getting that setup together with eichother. And even when i didnot had to
    race myself i was nervious :)

    Xosé, Eckhart and David i want to thank you for your dedication and hard work al those years for STC, you
    3 did a fantastic job, to bad i didnot race from season 1, but well those 3 seasons with FDR
    in the STC league was a great experience and i hope somehow it will continue!!

    Many thanks :beer::beer:
  10. As a member of Blue Flag Racing and participating in STC from the very beginning (even before :) ), it's sad to hear this. We haven't been one of the most competative team, but still keeping our policy to have fun, the result doesn't matter and letting all members have a drive if they like. I think it has been a perfect league for us where we have practiced together sometimes and keeping the team spirit.

    I believe it's a huge workload to keep this running and thanks to all involved! I do understand if it starts to be too much and if noone has the time to keep it alive is has to come to an end. Sad :(
  11. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain

    Hey guys, first of all i would like to say a big thanks to the dedicated STC staff for keeping this leauge going for so long and always doing a professional job:) ... This is only my second season in the STC but have followed it from 2009 and always wanted to take part in it. The STC has so much going for it and really brings fellow team mates together for practise, set ups, race stradegy's etc... and even when you are not racing its great to watch the broadcast and see how your team is doing. I just hope there is some solution to keep this leauge going as it would be a BIG loss if it ends. Again thank you David, Xose, Eckhart and Andreas for your hard work and thanks to all the teams and drivers for the good times on track and hopefully we can find away to keep the STC alive.

    Sorry for the late post but i just didnt no what to write and i am sure there is other people feel the same way.

    See you guys next thursday for some more STC action @ Sugo
  12. Any news here? Or is the STC officially dead...? :(
  13. OMG, my heart was about to explode of excitement when I read the tittle "STC in 2012". :(
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  14. mine as well.......
  15. Hahahahahaa,oh men,for a moment i had a great rush of blood through my body when i saw there was a reply dated only a few days ago in the "STC in 2012 thread".....:confused:
    Pfffoeei,still trying to calm myself down again....
    To bad it wasnt what i was hoping for,i guess my mind is playing tricks on me....lol.
  16. it is basically pretty dead. we had an agreement with some guys who wanted to take over, but so far noone has approached us again. well, rF2 is out in summer (hopefully), so maybe we will see the STC come back in new clothes (though all admins have this feeling of "over and done with" at the moment and do not really wish to go on)
  17. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I am pretty sure STC will come back in some form and shape.

    Personally I hope they move to another simulation game of a more recent date: rFactor 2, Game Stock Car, Assetto Corsa, GTR 3 or iRacing.
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  18. Hi for over a year
    Just letting everyone seeing this know that flatout still dreams of STC, we are currently having interleague championships in rfactor and for the best races had 4 clubs representing (flatout, core racing, mara europe and simracers.pl) with decent coverage and it all looked alot like STC... i agree that a new game is needed and as we are all very rfactor-minded here, rfactor 2 seems like the bright future. i think though that until it is really released it wont be a stable base. i know that most RD guys cherish simbin titles like GTR and Race07 but rfactor 1 is still great, im sure there are tens of big quality mods that everyone would like and appreciate when gotten used to, so we could build up the series again in rfactor 1 and then power on in glory to rfactor 2, atleast thats what i alone think! but im sure others do too
  19. hi risto, to my mind rF2 has been the worst letdown of the year, they have got bogged down in the realism trap, what with rain and raceline and stuff they totally forgot that the whole game should at least feel like something more up to date than, say, 1995. We do not see anything happening there for a long long time. To make matters worse, iRacing find it difficult to get their team act together, the game is at core a single player experience. so, let's wait and see.
  20. I am missing to STC as well, one of the best championships I have ever taken a part. Why did it finish, what was the problem? Why not to start again? I have even STC t-shirt and I am very proud of that :)

    BTW Blue Flag Racing is looking for the new drivers, if someone is interested please write to me, we are open for fair drivers, does not matter how fast you are.