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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    after the first race of the seasson we have checked some issues we have to fix, as some accesibility to STC main site during broadcasts, specially, acces to pit wall. This is what we will work at next days:

    - Acces to STC site and Pit Wall.
    - Pit Wall style improvement. More professional look, specially oriented to team work.
    - Check all circuits pits, to be as sure as possible they work fine. We will release a patch if it is needed.
    - The Game Hoster is waiting for the Team Speak 3 license and then we will make the change. In this case I am not sure about how many time will it take, but at least you already know TGH is trying to bring us the best service, as usual.
    - Next events we will try to make the Briefing channel by channel, it is faster and easier to organize. Avoiding moving people to diferent Team Speak channels will be better to don´t affect your concentration.

    Maybe there are more things to come.

  2. Two things to from me if thats oke. :smile:

    - Turn down the ingame sound. Like in real life you don't have to hear all the engines. In TV cam it's oke but not perfect and onboard i didn't hear anything. :smile:
    - Hope to see the old chatbox back. The new one doesn't really work because it doesn't show all the messages, it's very random. :smile:
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Posted this is the main thread without seeing this first :p

    - The engine noise sometimes overpowered the commentary so we couldn't hear what was being said, sometimes this is good when the commentators are bad, but you guys aren't :p

    - Agree with Ivo and the chatbox, the old one was far better

    - An idea to help Roland with his issue (about guessing what tires people were on) would be to bring a spokesman from one or two of the teams in to the broadcasting teamspeak channel and ask them what tires they are on, when are they pitting etc. Of course, they don't have to give it away but can drop a few hints, I think that would make it more exciting for the viewers to get an idea on the teams strategies.

    - The broadcasting quality didn't seem as good as usual, I don't know if this was just on my end, but I remember last years quality being far clearer

    Just my 2 cents :)
  4. lol, just found this post after replying in the other thread, will copy and paste:

    Sound: I have no idea why my voice sound was so off, same settings as last season when the quality was decidedly better. Guess with TS3 that problem will be solved.

    Tires: With the new tire system and basically alone I completely lost sight of who was doing what, especially with the teams that have four players on the grid where I have to remember which player is in which team. I will try to invent some form of schedule where I can tick off pitstops, and try to delegate it to my man in the pits, Senor Garcia.

    Interviews: good idea, but we struggle to get the 90 min on the air the way they are now, don't think we can handle a bunch of spokespersons clamoring to get into the tiny broadcast room :)

    We are truly grateful for any suggestions, keep 'em coming.
  5. This was due to the main volume being to loud on PSR or somewhere. It caused everything to overdrive and come out distorted so everything sounded loud and harsh. Just do a quick test to make sure the main volume level is good and not to loud and it will be good. Never been like this before so I know you guys will fix it for round 2 without a problem.

    Ye the quality seemed quite low compared to last season, but hopefully the quality will be higher from PSR for the next race.
  6. The sound in the mod is surely most higher than original cars, because the first time that i have played with my team mates, we have to turn down the game volume in order to be understandable on teamspeack. Or maybe is only the powerfull engine of our "monster machine Goliath" :biggrin:
  7. Well when I said improving Pit Wall, I was meaning improving it all, chatbox included (if that is needed).

    About PSRTV sound and image quality it is not up to STC.
  8. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Is there anyway we can have live standings at the bottom of the screen? I know the V8 league on RD have that, I think that would be pretty cool :)
  9. from what I know technically not possible in GTREvo, oops Race On, only in RFactor
  10. You do have the live timing giving a lot more interesting info as well.
  11. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    @Eckhart: Ah ok :)

    @Kirster: Yeah, I suppose :)
  12. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    bababa..bump :)

    A cool idea would be to have someone on the Teamspeak channels to run up and down the channels, asking what tyres and fuel strategies drivers are on, just hints though. Also they can get team's reaction's on incident's etc. A bit different to my previous suggestion (Post #3) but I think this can be better as TS can stay in their channels and if they are angry we will avoid any (%$&**%) on live broadcasting :D
  13. I would simplify&clarify the penalty rules.

    For example:
    - 15 seconds penalty when involving one car
    - 30 seconds penalty when multiple car are involved
    - no additional penalty on first lap accidents or on damage to other car because its difficult to judge how much the car is damaged.


    - just give 20 seconds penalty for every accident.

    rFactor would probably give us chance to add more drivers & junior teams. I would let drivers to swap freely between the junior and the main team (RPM 1<>RPM2 ) but every driver could still only drive 5 times during the STC season.

    My thoughts and not the offical standpoint of the RPM team.

  14. I disagree on this last statement because with additional penalty on the first lap encourage drivers to ride more carefully during the the most dangerous lap of the race. The method to judge how much the car is damaged could be to see if it continues or if the race must stop to repair damage.

    I think there should be no free exchange of drivers between teams because even if are teams with the same name they are two different teams

    The same for me ;)
  15. Because the first lap is most dangerous lap everyone should automatically be careful because any accident can also end your race and point scoring possibility for your team. :)

    Ill drive because its fun but part of the fun and excitement is to score some points for your team. You receive points only from driving at least 75 % of the race. Shouldnt we therefore give double penalty every accident under 75% race distance traveled. In the end it dosent matter if you DNF in first corner or 74% of the race gone because you will not receive any point from you effort.

    In reality they are one team forced to be two because teams dont have equal amount of drivers. Its not a free exchange because every driver can only drive 5 times without penalty. Sometimes real life commitments can cause timing problems and allowing drivers to swap inside the teams we would give better chance to have full grid every time. I like big grids.

  16. @ Ross: Like your idea, I will comment it with broadcast guys on our staff forum. :)

    It would be simpler indeed but in my opinion every accident have to be judged diferent because 30 seconds can mean a lot or 30 seconds can mean nothing depending the final result of the race.

    I don´t think it is a good idea (only my opinion aswell). Teams makes an official entry list and if the driver in question have never raced with any team can freely swap to another team, but once he have raced a single event he should not be able to join another team racing STC. As in football when a player have already played Champions League match he can´t play it for another team in the same seasson.
  17. I think this one has been said before but....Could we have Qualifying on the broadcast aswell? theres alot of great TV in qualifying sessions :)
  18. Every similar accident should be punished by same amout regardless how much it (penalty) would change the result race. I think and hope that I understood you wrongly. :)

    For example DMS and DMS2 are just one team but due to STC rules are "forced" to drive in different teams. So there wouldnt be switching from DMS to Flatout but just inside the DMS. Allowing drivers swap inside the teams would give also medium sized teams to introduce a second team.
  19. I quote myself. ^^

    One thing i also think. That there needs to be more Staff. Because of some real life issues the TS briefing and normal Briefing didnt happen a couple of times for example. Wich could easily be done by other Staff.

    Staff needs to be available on TS before the race. Now the channel is closed and nobody can access it when there are some troubles. I remember the Aponte problems at Trois.

    Like somebody said start the broadcast earlier. Lots of time it starts at the last moment and there is no time for talk with some drivers, good run down of the grid etc. And if we start to late the broadcast we miss the start if there are some troubles with the broadcast. Think that happened already a couple of times.
    But i know a earlier start cost also more money.
  20. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    But that gives an strategy adventage to teams, I mean, distributing drivers in a wise way, a good team can make a 1-2 on final standings and that's not good for a competition.

    I would rather like 1 team per team more, so no "number 2" teams.
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